Couple Of Beers And A Bar-b-que At Gmk's In April

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OK guys ,
This is it , I've had to change my dates in Adelaide a little

GMK is good enough to have a bar-b-que afternoon at his place , sample and bring a few beers , BYO meat and and a salad

It's Monday 26th April , that's the Anzac long weekend
Lets try to get as many homebrews there as possiable , it will be great to meet up and have a beer or three.

I suggest a PM to GMK so he has some idea of numbers , and he can tell us all how to find his place.

I am sure between us all we should be able to arrange transport for those who require it

AG demo is still on at JM's shop , 18th

And a day with TDA as well to be comfirmed
well see about the bbq but the ag demo at monks ill be there even though im close to gmk havent made plans that far ahead
Trying my best to make all three SA gigs Batz, catch you when and where I can!

Awrabest, wee stu
I am just curious as i wouldnt mind seeing the ag demo to where it is going to beheld at what time... As i am new to homebrewing wouldnt mind having a look at how this all done..

AG at JM's

piss-up at GMK's

AG again an at TDA's
and dont you go putting the guys off northern brewers batz.(legendary drinkers)
as i will be in adelaide mid june. :ph34r:

big d

ps wheres jayse?
They won't want to know you after the "Batz world Tour "

Hey I'll see you later this year in Kununura
Adelaide sounds like fun. I could even live there if they had rugby league.
kununurra hey?
sounds good to me batz.
mid way meeting point.dont you want to go through australias largest check/border point?
how about timber creek.used to have some nice barmaids at the wayside inn. ;)
only in the dry season though batz as ive shite loads of creeks to cross before hitting the stuart highway.
ohh the things us northern brewers go to to have a few beers and a feed and a mag.

big d
Yep stayed at Timber Creek before , be there in July

we do have Rugby union if thats any consilation :)


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