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I am looking to do a Coopers stout in on the Weekend and am looking for advice...As usual. :lol:

I am going to buy the bits on Friday from the HBS at Wacol or Chapel Hill depending on where I am working that day so...What should I get?
I already have 2 1.7Kg cans of Coopers Stout in the cupboard and am happy to use one or both depending on advice, I also have a Kilo of light DME and a Kilo of brewbooster which I will chuck in if required. I want to add to it some grain to improve my skills and practice/improve my technique and I probably want a better Yeast than the one that comes with the Coopers cans.

As I have a lager in primary at the moment and I used Safale04 Yeast could I pitch my Stout on top of the slurry? Or would that be a BIG mistake? :ph34r:

Oh, questions questions....I thank you in advance for your replies.
Hmm don't use the Cooper stout tins. Use extract and steep grains, choc and black patent. Coopers Stout has a strong malty edge and good strong licorice notes, fresh grains are the way to get that. Unfortunately, I have not had a good glass of Coopers Stout in a long while.

Jovial Monk
since you have the coopers stout,maybe you could try a little crystal malt grain
steeped in hot water about 67c for an hour 2 kgs of dark liquid malt (forget the
sugar) and use a MUNTONS gold yeast.
The crystal will add a little nitrogen to your stout giving it a nice head and sound body always use malt not sugar,the Muntons Gold will give you the perfect British
ale flavour and settle in a solid (cow pattie) base leaving your stout bright and
shiny.I use this basic recipe with Morgans Stout and it fixes my stout cravings,
these are my opinions only I have no wish to get into a F IN debate,
Steve Rush Bundaberg.
Here is my suggestion

use the 2 cans of coopers:
Grad some grains:
150 Roast Barley
250 Choc
250 Xtal
Steep in 7ltrs of warm water for 60mins.
The nstrain liquid off and boil for 20mins.
I would add 20 gms of hops in the boil - go for POR...(But the cans should provide enough bitterness.

Now it depends upon the style u want - u have enough stuff there (dried maly, Brew Booster) to make:
Foreign Extra Stout
Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout

This depends on the style and Alcohol % u want - ie 4.5 % upto 11%.

Your Call

Hope this helps u out...
What I am after is a good strength stout, nothing near 11% but somewhere around 5 - 6% and have developed a reciepe at work today by browsing the net and picking and patching other peoples reciepes.

Here goes, please feel free to critisise or applaud. :D

1 can of Coopers stout 1.7Kg
2 Kilo of liquid Malt (Dark)
500g Brown Sugar
250g Xtal
250g Roast Barley or Black Patent
100g compound cooking chocolate

I am tempted to try and recover some of the Yeast from my current wort in primary which is Safale04 or maybe try STEVENALI's muntons gold?

Hops, unsure maybe I will try POR or maybe not, can't decide..What do you reckon to the above reciepe?

With that much liquid malt extract, you will end up with a SG over 1.064 and alcohol level around 7.3%.

I would
1. go back to 1kg malt extract for a SG around 1.050, alc 5.9%.
2. Drop the crystal unless you want a sweetness in your stout
3. Add 150 to 250g of choc for a good round flavour with the roast

This will leave you with one can to do a second batch. You should be able to work out what you like from this one and adjust it in the second.

I made many good stouts from kits in my early brewing days and don't see any reason to go to pure malt extract for a stout (other styles I do see a need).

That was meant to say 1 Kilo of malt :lol: I dont want to fall over after 2 Bottles.

I will take your advice and drop the Xtal in favour of Choc. Do you have any advice to offer regarding the Yeast or Hops? :ph34r:
Do you have any advice to offer regarding the Yeast or Hops? :ph34r:

If you are using the kit, then it will be about the right bitterness anyway, so don't stuff with it :) I wouldn't use POR in a stout at the best of times, it just doesn't match the beer profile.

As for yeast, dunno about dried yeast. If you are going to use liquid, then Wyeast 1984 is the go.

Got the stuff earlier today, but I have one more question before I do the brew on Sunday.
The liquid malt extract that I bought is today unhopped and the Coopers can is obviously hopped, so should I put the unhopped into the boil and add the coopers at flameout?

:unsure: :beerbang:
Cheers to everyone who helped me put together the brew I did yesterday, it is now happily fermenting under the house after a shaky start, it took from 12 Midday yesterday until 4PM today for the first bubble to appear through the airlock and that was only after two vigirous airations with my plastic spoon before and after work today, although before the second spooning I took a sample and it was down from 1053 OG to 1042 so there was something going on, it was just not visible at the airlock. Noticable smell of choclate, maybe too much, I hope it dies down a touch apart from that I am V happy.

Anyway the bits I used are listed below if anyone wants to comment. I made it up to 19 Litres as I wanted something with a bit of a kick to it although this might turn out at close to 6% :huh:

1 can of Coopers stout 1.7Kg
1 Kilo of liquid Malt extract (Dark)
500g Brown Sugar
250g Choc Malt
250g Roast Barley
100g compound cooking chocolate
Safale 04


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