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Hey Guys,

I picked up a free co2 cylinder when I was picking up some other gear.
It has no test date on it and it looks quite old.
The guy I got it off said he used ti use it about 8 years ago but just refilled it from a larger cylinder.

The question I have is it possible to get this certified or not?

This is what it has on the neck:
TARE 18.2 KG
S.B.C. 805
WC 7.5KG
T23.5 MPA 6 76

The cylinder is quite small 450mm x 200mm wide.

Any help would be great.
Or should I just take it to Paul at the Belmont testing centre.

I take it to a testing centre as they should be able to certify it there I would think
Over here the scuba place does hydro testing and fills them up too.
I bought mine from a Scuba place.......BUT...I can only get him to refill...
No one else will.....Doesnt worry me ..But if you are a frequent user ask about refilling..
As well as a Gas bottle in date you need some one to fill it..
One company wont fill the other companys bottles .
You need to find some who will..
My 2cents...From 50 years dealing with Gas company's.
Scuba places carry CO2 for some gas mixes. Since they have the equipment some of them will fill these for bars and hotels etc too. Depends where you are etc.
The testing and certification of pressure vessels is the same no matter what the bottle is used for (the test pressure will vary according to use) an authorised test station, provided they can reach high enough pressures, should be able to test any type of bottle (LPG, CO2, AIR, Oxygen....) to pass test the basics go like this: -
Physical inspection both inside and outside, the bottle must be free from rust or corrosion
Weight the bottle must have the weight stamped on it and must conform to that weight (that weight is without the tap or any guards or handles)
Pressure test the bottle is filled with water and pressurised to about 2-2.5 times the working pressure, when the pressure is relieved a manometer tells whether or not the bottle has returned to the original size (basically measuring the springiness of the metal).
Pass all three tests and it is stamped and good to go for however long the rules say (IFIRC 1 year for Scuba, 5 years for steel CO2 bottles without a residual pressure valve, 10 years for Aluminium CO2 bottles and Steel CO2 bottles with a working residual)
A fire extinguisher sales/service place in your locale, they should be able to do a hydrostatic test and refill for you.
Les the Weizguy said:
Apologies for the necessitated thread necro.

I have a MKOL CO2 bottle that appears to be dated 09 C 06, and therefore will need to be re-certified soon.
Where can I get this done around Newcastle/Maitland/Port Stephens?

Link to explanation of the markings on gas (not just Catalina) bottles
just swap it for one in date next time you need a fill. this is the joy of mkol they do all the certifying.
not sure how up to date the list is but theres a couple of places doing exchanges up your way les
Les Brewman can get it tested for you, if you need a loaner while yours is getting tested call by and I can lend you one.
Should cost +or- $40 at a fire equipment joint.
I'd support my local HBS if they've got the swap n go happening, fire equipment joint is a plan B that'll get you out of trouble and back on track. Gotta keep that production line flowing!
Kingy said:
A swap at the home brew shop was $60
All things considered, I prefer my current gas supplier and lower gas cost. Plus over 10 years the hydrostatic testing cost will be recouped, compared to random end-date at the Brew Shop.
Time for one more fill and then I can get it tested and certified again.

Cheers Steve
I just picked up my 22L bottle from the firebox in beresfield. They have increased there price to $10 per liter witch is very dear. She cut me a deal and did the refill for $150 and the cert for $15.
Hope this helps.
Thumbs down to Brewers Choice in Brisbane-wouldn't refil my 6.8 Mykegsonlegs because I didn't buy it from them!

Thumbs up to Quality Home Brew Supplies at Slacks Creek, Brisbane (no affiliation) walked in said I think this bottle may be out of date. Reply was "no problem, it's a Mykegsonlegs, do you a full swap and go and we'll take care of it for $50 all up"
Thanks, fellas.