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Brewman Dealz

Discussion in 'AHB Sponsors Shop' started by Brewman_, 22/4/17.


  1. Brewman_

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    Posted 12/12/18
    Dealz update.
    Hi Brewers, update on Dealz.

    Some new offerings on Malts.
    The whole Weyermann Rye Range is now on Dealz. These are by the Kg.

    Weyermann Cara Aroma is a new addition also.

    The Hops, Pellets, Resins, and Lupuln are all updated as well.

    Here's the list.

    Amarillo (US) 225g Dealz $18.95
    Cascade (US) 225g Dealz $17.95
    Centennial (US) 225g Dealz $16.95
    Chinook (US) 225g Dealz $17.95
    Citra (US) 225g Dealz $18.95
    Dr Rudi (NZ) 225g Dealz $10.95
    East Kent Golding (EKG) 225g Dealz $13.95
    Galaxy (AU) 225g Dealz $17.95
    Hersbrucker GER 225g Dealz $9.95
    Idaho 7 (US) 225g Dealz $17.95
    Mosaic (US) 225g Dealz $18.95
    Nelson Sauvin (NZ) 225g Dealz $18.95
    Northern Brewer (GER) 225g Dealz $14.95
    Pride of Ringwood (AU) 225g Dealz $13.95
    Saaz (CZ) 225g Dealz $15.95
    Simcoe (US) 225g Dealz $18.95
    Target (UK) 225g Dealz $16.95

    ---Dealz---Hop Resins
    Mosaic Resin (Blue Tip) 10ml Syringe Dealz $8.95
    Cascade Resin (Green Tip) 10ml Syringe Dealz $8.95
    Super Aroma 10ml Syringe Dealz $8.95

    ---Dealz---Lupuln Hop Products
    Cascade LupuLN2 (US) 50g Dealz $10.00
    Citra LupuLN2 (US) 50g Dealz $10.00
    Mosaic LupuLN2 (US) 50g Dealz $11.95

    ---Dealz Malt---
    Rye Malt (Wey GER) Uncracked 1Kg Dealz $2.95
    CaraRye (Wey GER) Uncracked 1Kg Dealz $2.95
    Chocolate Rye (Wey GER) Uncracked 1Kg Dealz $2.95
    CaraAroma (Wey GER) Uncracked 1Kg Dealz $2.95

    --- Dealz Chemicals---
    Potassium Bicarbonate 225g Dealz $3.95

    I also have a sack of Bairds Peated Malt that I am offering for half price. Normal price is $112. This baby is fresh and just $56. I could split it in half. First in has it. PM me.

    Cheers Steve

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