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I am thinking of organising an XMAS Case.

Preference is for SA brewers - interstae brewers welcome but will have to pay freight.

This is the IDEA...
We get 24 Brewers who each brew their Fav Beer.
We each donate 48 X JS bottles of the brew to the xmas case = 17ltrs.
Each brewer gets 48 bottles of Homebrewed Beer for Xmas.

Happy to go just 24 bottles if easier. Then we only get 1 Carton.

JS bottles good for uniformity and making cases for transport/freight.
Hoping to have a couple of set down/pick up places - GMK, GMK Central - AKA Wee Stu 7 Crispy's - awaiting confirmation.
Just label the beer and give a brief description of the beer.
Could even look at getting the recipes and producing a Xmas Booklet of recipes.
Need to get beers ready and dropped off by 4 dec so that we can collate and get everything ready for distribution.

What say u guys.

I hope that the other Capital cities - Perth, Brisbane and Sydney may start their own.

Open for feedback and registration.
I'll be the first to put my hand up and say iam in. :chug:
I think your dreaming though to get 24 people, anyway count my 48 bottles what ever happens.
If nothing else its a good reason to brew :p

Cool Jayse - u can only be number 2 - i am no 1... :)
GMK said:
Cool Jayse - u can only be number 2 - i am no 1... :)
There can be only one. :ph34r:
sorry stupid movie you reminded me off ken. :blink:

Jayse :chug:
I wouldn't mind being in on it, but I fear dispersing a bad batch to all 4 corners of Adelaide. Don't have and JS bottles though and I certainly ain't drinking a carton of it to get some.
What a bloody good idea Ken. Although if 24 brewers put in 48 beers each you only get 2 of each beer - good for selction but bad if you get a really nice one :chug: .
Why not just use mega-swill bottles, that way you can just chuck em at the end. I'm sure not everyone would have the same bottles which could lead to a logistical nightmare getting them back to the owner.
Bloody good idea though.
Perth brewers interested in this?
Potentially however I think the postage will get way out of hand :unsure:... posting a carton of HB about wont be cheap especially if it is broken into 2 stubbie packs ... I can imagine doing some small scale swapping but would have to see how this worked out to see if it was worth it.

Can't say I have been that impressed with the bottled verions of my brews when compared with the kegged :( back to caster sugar now to see if that keeps the sweetness out.
I am happy to go with pet bottles (or other bottles) if taht makes things easier...
If we dont get 24 people - we go with 12 people and we put in 24 beers each - then we all get a carton.

Just remember to label yours....

So whos up for this......
OK - I'll join as number 4 from Adelaide (the rest of the Adelaide crowd are probably tuckiing into homebrew at Goltiath as I type this (#$%^&*& Royal Show!!!).

We should be able to get at least a dozen Adelaide brewers together to run it locally - maybe next year the transcontinental push??

And, provided we work out the logistics a bit more, I am willing to act as something of a central drop off point, (the idea of explaining an additional 48 cartons of beer in the spare room at any given time doesn't inspire visions of domestic harmony, it must be said :ph34r: )

Kai - I could quite easily russle up a carton of empties - (might be a mix of JS, or Crownies or LCPA) - I can buy them from the social club bar for their 5c deposit value :)
You are the man Wee Stu.....

Surprised taht a scotsman would buy for 5c and not dell for 6cents...


Only kidding - i would buy a heap of js and crownies off your social club - 5c unwashed/rinsed or 10 cents washed/rinsed.

Need them for my Thomas Hardy Barley Wines.....
Thanks for the offer, stu. If Ken decides we need to stick with JS bottles then I'll take you up on it, otherwise I have plenty of other style bottles I can use.

I would also suggest that everyone contributes their bottles contained within a carton or four sixpack holders, it will make the redistribution much easier.
Cool - good idea Kai...

Cant wait for my XMAS Case...
Good Idea, Ken

I'll be in on it.

STU - I may need to see you for some bottles as well.


Dee Bee , GL , Asher , and Perth others,

Surely you guys want to swap a few beers , OK perhaps 4 beers each?

I can send mine down and have t the same collected at GL's place , you guys should be able to organize something in Perth :p

Come on now ! :eek: these Adelaide brewers have it together lets do the same , big d , I know bit more expence mate but what about sending some brews to GL's as well , we northern brewers will carry the freight charges, we are ues to it ! :angry:

Of course Coopers PET bottles would be the best option considering transport
Hi Batz

I'll be in it if anyone else is. Main problems are that I throw stubbies away, only ever bottle long necks so would have to find some bottles. Also its getting a bit late, I was going to brew my last Christmas brew next weekend. But I like the idea, and could find something to bottle and something to bottle it in if we want to give those smug Adeladians a run for their money.
Well Simon long necks will not matter I suppose , we have done it before

I was thinking of Eric for transport

Lets see if anyone else is interested , and yes a bit late , will have to brew a couple quick !
Hey lets show up those Adeladians as the lightweights that they are. The Perth Christmas mixed case could be Proper Big Bottles of beer. I have a couple of hundred spare bottles in the shed if anyone in Perth needs a couple.
BIG !! bottles it is !!

Not like those Adeladians , namby pamby , girls blouse , nancy boys , la la little JS bottles !! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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