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Steve the Zymologist

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Hi all
Got my hands on a $11 sodastream bottle last week, hoping to geta couple of kegs and a coupler in the next week or so. Was wondering where would be the best place to source the rest of the gear (Lines, QD's, pluto gun,etc) in rural North Qld (Mackay). And Sosman I may be chasing a sodastream addaptor. Any help would be great. :beer:

Cheers guys
I can supply most of teh stuff - prices as follows:
- Brand New Harris 601 Dual Gauge Reg 80.00 ea - Hoops Soda stream adapter will fit - he is getting them modified.
- Brand New SS Truflow Pluto Gun 80.00.
- PLastic disconects - 15.00 ea or 2 for 27.50
- beer and gas line 2.50 per metre
- if u buy alot of stuff i will throw all the clamps needed in for free.

Freight - upto 3kg is 10.00 Expres Post.

PM Me if u need any more details.

Thanks for the prompt reply GMK

Can anyone beat GMK's prices?

Anyone got prices on excess second hand gear?

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