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Hi. Look forward to some home brewing tips.

Today a did a double kit of Coopers Vintage. Never made this before as its not readily available in shops.
Had to order directly from Coopers. $61 per kit so not cheap. Don't want to stuff it up.
I ran out of ice and cant get it down below 20degrees to pitch my yeast. Aircon going.
Will wait a few more hours and its going in around 21 if I cant get to 20 deg.
I'm told 18 to 20 degrees is ideal for Amber Ales.
Hi Lefty
Just using the yeast that comes with the Coopers Vintage kit.
There are some numbers printed on the packet but not sure if they have any meaning ?
20ºC is not too bad. Probably better if you could get it down to 18ºC, but with the kit yeast you should be OK at 20ºC. I wouldn't worry about it.
I tend to pitch my Pale Ales and Bitters at 18ºC. but let it free rise to about 20ºC after the first couple of days fermentation.
Hi and welcome.

Glad to have you here. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here who are willing to help you with your questions.

Happy new year!