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Hiya all,

So I have just kegged my first brew, and more than keen to try my first pour. How long should i realistically wait before having the first drink (and hopefully not be disappointed 🤣) is currently carbonating at 12psi.

Also another question, I am going away for 3 weeks shortly. Do I just keep it all going as normal, C02 on and set to desired psi, OR would you unhook that CO2 and just leave cold in the fridge till you get back and hook the CO2 back up then ? Sorry feels like a stupid question .
Give it a week to carb up Coreysan, 3 weeks and it will be perfect. If you want a drink now then set it to serving pressure and shake it until you can’t here the gas running into it. (It helps if you use a black disconnect on the gas line and force gas in through the long dip tube) if you trust your gas system you can leave it on.
I would disconnect both the gas and beer line from the keg in addition to shutting off the gas. Last thing you want to come home to is your beer all over the floor.
Hi Coreysan,

My freshly filled keg sits in the fridge and chills for a week while I drink the 2nd keg. When my drinking keg gets low, I force carbonate my chilled keg by pressurise to 30psi for 24/28hrs. Time to force carbonate does vary between varieties of beers. After 24/28 hrs I drop My pressure down to serving pressure 10/12 psi and it waits patiently while I finish my second keg.

This system works for me, also I've been told chilled beer will absorb CO2 faster than trying to carbonate warm.
Happy drinking.
For my tastes my beer seems to taste best at around the 6 week mark.

Saying this though, I normally start drinking around week 2.

I have been known to force carb and drink on day 1 :eek: Occasionally I do a really hoppy beer that's fairly green for 2 or 3 weeks before it's good to go.

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