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Good day brewers! This question might have an obvious answer, so apologies if this frustrates...
When following recipes that have different mash temperatures (including Mash out temps), I assume that the mash times don't actually include the time it takes the water to rise from one temperature to another. For example, if I have the following steps (note: this is purely an example, I pulled the figures out of thin air):
Mash - 55° for 15 mins
Mash - 65° for 45 mins
Mash out - 77° for 10 mins
Total Mash Time: 70 Mins

...then i assume I do this:
  1. Heat water to 55°
  2. Add grains, get back to 55°, start timer for 10 mins
  3. At 10 mins, increase heat to 65°
  4. Wait 5 - 15 mins for temperature to rise to 65°
  5. When it gets to 65°, start timer again for 45 mins
  6. After 45 mins, increase temp to 77°
  7. Wait another 5 - 15 mins for temperature to rise to 77°
  8. When it hits 77° (Mash Out), set timer for 10 mins
  9. After 10 mins, lauter mash.
*NOTE: I brew using a Guten 50l Microbrewery, so those temperature timings are ballpark.

So a 70 min Mash actually takes around 80 - 100 minutes due to waiting for the temperature to change.
Does this sound right?

Thank you in advance.
Yep, but not quite always. Maybe on the newer single vessel brewing systems you can't do what I do and you are dependent on what the system can deliver.
On my old fashioned 3 vessel system, I need to heat my strike water to 5ºC more than the temperature I want. Thus, I heat my water to 60ºC, then dough in, and it gets me to pretty much 55ºC. If you dough in with 55ºC water, your mash temperature will drop lower than that. You will need to work out what works on your system, I've used my system now for 17 years, so I have it pretty much dialed in.
If I want to go to the next step up, I tend to use water at about 90ºC, and measure the mash temperature as I add the water, and stop when I reach the required temperature. This step is usually pretty quick for me.
On each of these steps, I stir the mash to even out the temperature.
For mash out, I again use 90ºC water, and just stir it through. However, my mash tun is relatively small and I just fill it to the top. I let the grain settle for a few minutes before I vorlauf about 3 litres, then run off the wort. I batch sparge, so do a second lot of water and run it off again.
You will need to work out what works on your system.
What philrob says is true, and even though you have a return pipe recirculating the mash liquor it is advisable to stir the grain for 20 to 25 minutes. Just to break up the grain beds hot and cool spots.
80 to 100 minutes is probably a bit long. Once you get to know your brewery you can cheat. I have stopped doing stepped mash some years ago and the beer is just as good. Typically I underlet at 50C and do a slow ramp to 67C over 60 to 70min. Ramp speed is then increased to reach 76C mash out temp in as short time as possible. Just another way of doing things.

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