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No doubt, this is gonna stir the hornet's nest.

I'm about to attend the Ballarat beer festival, in full knowledge that at least 50% of the cost of my ticket is going to fund the polititians that are currently engaged in importing the only people in the world that want to kill me and my family from the worst of the 3rd world.

I am a long time brewer, long time buyer of beer. I have watched 750ml of wine go for less than $1 a bottle, at 13% abv, to a stubby of RIS to sell for $17/12oz (355ml).

Clearly, the odds are stacked against beer.

The retarded arts students that don't have a hope of memorising who dicked what, yet are just clever enough to switch to politics and suck up the howtos of welfare, union pensions, travel expenses and ALL the other rorts becoming of an up and coming professional parasite otherwise known as a politician.

Sadly, the new political class doesn't attract the average battler. Wonder why.

As a result, beer drinkers get whacked with enough taxes to ensure a ring to the local bank manager when it's their shout for a group of 4. At $10/schooner/425ml, it's an obvious attack on the values that once bound a neighbourhood and community.

Is it time to rise up? Is it time to visit the local parasite, in their paid for offices, and demand answers?
I don't think anyone wants to kill you and your family, mate. Don't forget that other than the traditional owners we're a country of very recent migrants, and new Australian should be welcomed with open arms.

I get that you're trying to have a rant about the different tax rates on different types of booze but you can do it without the xenophobic shit.
Sorry, but how are politicians making money from the ballarat beer festival? Feel free to stir the hornets nest but no one is stopping you being a politician either. I agree we pay to much tax on beer and many other things but am struggling to see the link from beer fest to political fundraiser to immigrants to arts students to alcohol taxes...
I can only think he's had a couple but the link to me looks like he's going to a beer festival and by doing so paying extra taxes which are spent on stuff out of his control.

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