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Stainless Steel 6mm Tubing - 15m

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Hi Guys,

Here are some pics of the SS tubing i can get hold of.
I think i have access to another 5 if the demand is there.

Approx 15m of 6mm SS tubing - only 30.00 plus postage.

Great for a prechiller or use in the freezer to run the glycol thru to ice up your flooded Font.

could also use as a cheap imersion coil.

Would also be fantastic as a condensor coil in a Miracle Box.

Here is another pic...

Fark does it come nicely prebent like that! :) looks bloody great. I paid $60 for 18m of copper tube from bunnings :(
yep.....this is the same as what Andale sell for .......its is from older glycol units.........I'm thinking about grabbing some for a party kit.....

$30 is pretty hard to go past.
I just need to make up an excuse to get some now.
Lets see, it's shiny...it's stainless steel....it meets 90% of my criteria :p
if it is already shaped like that and if I can use it as wort chiller for the time being I am interested.

2 quick questions:
- Any problems using this as a wort chiller? Apart from not being as thermally conductive as copper of course.
- How much would postage to Perth be?
postage to perth will be 9.30 upto 3kg Express post.

i think it would work allright as a cheap wort chiller- note that it is 6mm which gives a great volume to surface area ratio.

i will be using one with my miracle box or for chilling the glycol to the flooded font when i get one.
barfridge said:
- Any problems using this as a wort chiller? Apart from not being as thermally conductive as copper of course.
The price is right for a chiller.

First potential problem, the coil arrangement is far too uniform and you would need to bring it to my place and get me to randomise the arrangement for effective cooling.
Second potential problem, 15 m at 6 mm is a big head resistance, so depending on your mains pressure your flow rate is going to be lower than a 12 mm copper coil. It should still work, and would probably use a lot less water, but might take a bit or maybe a lot longer.

What are the dimensions of the coil?

approx 12cm square by 120cm long compressed....

alternatively - you can stretch it out to what ever length you want.
call it 10.00 express post upto 3kg...

Let me know if there is anything else you need...
t pieces, reg, disconects, ss ball valves etc.
I'm also after a andale tap, gas disconnect and liquid disconnect.

What do you suggest using to connect the SS tubing to 4 or 6 mm beer line?

I currently have a reg hooked up to the beer fridge. Is there a way of inserting a screw piece into the beer line so I can quickly disconnect the gas bottle and reg from the fridge to make it portable?

Sorry i missed your post.
Can supply everything...
Rekitted Tap with snaplock fitting and extension and nipple 75.00.
(can get a brand new SS pluto gun for 80.00)
Disconects are 15.00 ea or 27.50 for 2.
I would use 6mm beerline.

Depend upon reg...and what the gas line goes into....
i will have to check but the easiest way would be to get a keg gas turret that screws into a ball valve. put an extra gas disconect on the gas line from the reg. I have a SS ball valve but will need to check with a gas turret to see if it is the same thread.
Close ball valve and remove gas disconect - no more gas into fridge - allows the kegs in the fridge to stay without you having to remove the gas disconects from them - and gas bottle now portable ready to go onto keg when you transport.

I can supply a ball valve if it is the right thread.

Let me know what you want - esp if you want the pluto gun - will be putting an order in next week...

Doing an order next wednesday - if any one wants some of the ss tube.
It is over 15m long.....

Let me know by then....

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