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Can someone advise if there is any advantage in chilling your wort quickly other than being able to pitch your yeast straight away to reduce the chance of infection?

I don't have a chiller yet but I do have a fermenting fridge.

My current practise...

After boil, drop the hot wort into my fermentor in the fridge which is set to what ever fermenting temp I want. The fermentor is sealed and I actually give it a blat of co2 before transferring the wort so there is no oxygen in contact with the wort. At this stage I also grab my starter and throw it in the fridge. I pitch the yeast the next morning when the wort and the starter have both reached the fermeting temp I set.

Is there any problem with this method? I'm a little concerned it may have an impact on my flavour and aroma hops as the wort will remain quite hot for some time after flame out.
you need to chill the wort fast:

1. Slow cooling causes undesirable chemical/biochemical changes like DMs accumulating

2. Bacteria can infect the wort, us homebrewers ALWAYS have bacteria in our wort

3. Because of 2. you need to get that yeast pitched ASAP

Having said that, rapid wort cooling is a recent innovation.

Jovial Monk

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