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We've been working hard on continuing to bring you the best brewing software around, and we wanted to give HBT members a sneak peak of what's upcoming.

Brand New Updated Mobile Apps Android & iOS!
We all love apps for on-the-go brewing, shopping, and sharing. We're hoping for internal alpha testing to be available at the start of October, public beta testing to follow. This is be a big release, and we'll let you know when it's ready.

Mash Guidelines Overhaul -
We're improving the mash guidelines to better reflect all brewing systems. From all-in-one electric systems to triple decoctions, you can go simple or complex- the choice is yours!

Brew Session API -
We've expanded more variables to the brew session API, this will include current properties such as OG, FG, ABV etc as well as all of the recipe api info. As several digital tap lists have released recently, this will better support your taplist data by using brew session measurements. Approved, should release soon!

Brew Steps -
Add recipe data to respective steps, such as strike temperature, time, gravity samples etc. Data is taken from recipe, and mash guidelines instead of quick water requirements wherever possible. This will make the brew steps personalized, and easy to follow Once internal testing is completed, this will be released directly.

Inventory & Shopping list Yeast Date -
Adding the calendar picker to the yeast date property, this will better support users interested in keeping track of their "stale" ingredients and keep syntax consistent.

Inventory import/export -
Currently ingredient import/export is restricted to pro users in group inventory. This will be added to personal inventories, and available to all paid memberships (premium, premium +, pro, and lifetime).

Tank Logs -
Minor changes to the tank log and brew session tank interaction to better support multiple tanks per brew.

Recipe Builder Attenuation & FG-
We're improving support for high attenuation recipes, such as seltzers, ciders, meads, wines, saisons etc. Remove error on saving with FG below 1.000. Change recipe attenuation behavior, adds real attenuation, changes behavior for fermentability of sugar ingredients such as cane sugar, honey, etc. This will be especially great for those that produce cider, wine, meads and seltzers.

Group vs user recipes -
We're changing the behavior, separating Author and Group sharing. You will be able to remain as the recipe Author, and still share the recipe with a group.

Quick Water Requirements -
The QWR steps are being slightly rearranged to be in chronological order, and include some more information such as pre boil volume, postboil volume, and fermenter volume. The targeted batch size is bolded.

Recipe > Quick Water Requirements-
Going forward, the QWR will be treated as a placeholder information and will be the backup to recipe information such as boil volume, and mash guidelines. If that information is missing for whatever reason, the QWR will be used instead. Currently QWR is the priority, causing confusion between different parts of the software such as brew session, steps, and water calculator.

And more!

Come see what's new and look for the release of the new Apps that sync with the site later this year.

From beginning homebrewer to seasoned professional brewers, we've got you covered at Brewer's Friend!

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