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Great site
After exploring this site over the last couple off days I have a couple off very basic questions ,,, I have only done a few brews and have had moderate success with coopers draught and larger , This site has ,,,,, well I have questions

When using a basic can brew e.g. Coopers ,, do you boil it up with a couple of ltrs of water. And if you do ,, do you ;let it cool before continuing to mix the other 20ltrs or so of cool water
Kick starting the dry yeast sachet in the kit ,,, I understand its not the best yeast in captivity but for now it will do , so how do I kick start the yeast
Bulk priming ,, 180g dextrose dissolved into 600ml of water poured into the secondary fermenter. Is this then let to cool before adding to the brew
G"Day shadow,

Don't boil your Coopers can , this will destroy the hop flavours , and make your beer darker.

Do a search for the yeast starter on this site , or someone else will post it I am sure , Coopers yeast is really a fair yeast to use for your first brews , once you get the nack of it you can play around with others.

I'll post more for you later

Have to go to work :angry:
Nightshift :( :(
check out the brewers manual at

I am about your level too. I have just put down my 5th brew. I started with Coopers larger with coopers sugar - tasted ok but very thin & fizzy, just drinkable.
Then i mucked around with a few basic kits with pretty good results. But the best ones i have done are very basic and taste 100% better than pub beer. The last one i did was a Morgans Stockmans draught with 1.5kg's of LIGHT MALT EXTRACT. (No sugar) and just primed the bottles with sugar and this was clear as abell and tasted fantastic.
I have just put down a Toohey Old style beer using Morgarns Australian Old kit with 1.5kg's of Black Rock dark malt extract with cl-80 hops. And i am asured it will be a cracker.
I am no pro but just keep it simple and you wont have too many dramas.

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