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I'm going to build a HERMS rig after reading a heap of info here and there and advice by a few on AHB. But I'm looking to do it once...hopefully. I'm trying to figure out the best piping arrangement, as there's a huge array of arrangements with pro's and cons. If you have a schematic or pic of your piping setup, please post them as trying to gather all this info is dunking. I'm hoping to get a concentrated reference to review and hopefully anyone else in the same boat!

I'm leaning towards tails, silicone tubing and jubilee clips, for easy of cleaning, easy to built and change if I don't like it :), maybe hard plumb after that!

Any help much appreciated.

no schematics, but make sure you get a dutch rudder...indispensable in the brewery
nope still digging...

best way i've found is to plumb straight from the MT to the the pump then have your pump push up through the HX. Mine is controlled with an cheapy REX c100 PID. pt100 temp probe is in the grist. pump is always on, its one of those green ones from craftbrewer

hx pot has about 3m of copper coil inside connected with silicon hose...there is a female tail inside and a male outside. do it up tight with the hx wall inbetween and there shouldn't be any leaks

next upgrade will be an auber ramp/soak PID...hopefully this year with help from the taxman!
I would highly recommend the colder polypropylene style quick disconnects. I used to have camlocks but got sick of burning my fingers on the hot couplings!

Link here...http://www.colder.com/Tabid/72/MaterialID/1/cID/5/sID/59/Products.aspx

I got mine from Wally on this forum, send him a PM he may still have some..

Good luck with the build!


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