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FS (Bris): Shiny shiny triple-batch recirculating 1V

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Hey all, due to reduced consumption and funds required for other... "investments" I'm putting up for sale my recirculating single-vessel rig. It's been a labour of engineering and brewing love building this machine and iterating through various designs to land on the rig you see here.

This rig will do single (full volume) up to triple-batches (with rinse/sparge) at standard gravity, and doubles at high-gravity. Regularly hits 90-95% conversion efficiency and 90% lauter efficiency when rinsing the malt pipe.

The design philosophy for this vessel has been:

  • On castors but intended to be a permanent fixture (clean in place (CIP))
  • Completely sanitary design using tri clamp (TC) fittings - smooth diameter changes in all fittings, no low points for wort pooling
  • Integrated chilling (counterflow) and wort oxygenation
  • All process and cleaning fluids completely drain to a single large-diameter (fast) drain valve to make CIP dead-easy

Key specs, components and highlights:

  • 84L stainless main vessel with etched volume markers (litres and gallons)
  • Main vessel includes:
    • 2 x 2" TC ports low for dual elements
    • 1 x 3" TC port low with borosilicate cap for use as main vessel sight glass
    • 1 x 1.5" TC port low for whirlpool return
    • 1 x 1.5" TC port low for temperature probe installed in an end cap (currently a 1-wire probe)
    • 1 x 1.5" TC ports high for wort recirculation return
    • 1 x 1.5" TC port high spare (currently a steam chimney)
    • 1 x 1.5" TC port in the base for bottom drain / wort intake
  • 2 x 2400W Romar ULWD ring elements installed with 5 Star Distilling 2" TC element guard kits
  • 1 x spare 4500W Romar custom ULWD sickle element to be installed for MOAH POWAH (if required, but not in my opinion)
  • Custom 10mm clear acrylic lid, also comes with the original stainless lid
  • 56L stainless malt pipe with perforated false bottom, telescopic overflow pipe, and two hoist shackles
  • SS Brewtech stainless sparge manifold for wort recirculation to the malt pipe
  • 65W KK pump with stainless head for generating a decent whirlpool
  • Stainless counterflow chiller (CFC) professionally modified with TC fittings
  • Inline oxygenation on the CFC outlet
  • High wort return path with flow control for recirculating wort to the top of the malt pipe
  • Low wort return path with flow control for recirculating wort across the elements, whirlpooling, and CIP
  • 5 x 3/4" stainless diaphragm valves for flow control of:
    • Low wort outlet for hot-filling cubes
    • High wort outlet for filling FVs from cooling/oxygenation loop
    • High and low wort returns to the vessel
    • CFC cooling fluid
  • 2 x 1.5" TC butterfly valves for:
    • Kettle bottom drain
    • System drain (with reducer to 1" and 1" sullage hose included)
  • 3 x 3/4" butterfly valves to activate or bypass the cooling loop
  • 1.5" TC borosilicate sight glass on kettle drain
  • 1.5" TC borosilicate sight glass on CFC outlet to see the oxygenation stone in action
  • 3/4" TC borosilicate sight glass in recirculation path
  • Hard-plumbed piping uses 3/4" stainless TC spool sections
  • Flexible plumbing uses heavy duty 1 1/4" OD x 3/4" ID thick-walled silicon hose
  • 4 x 1-wire temperature probes included:
    • Kettle temperature
    • Wort temperature at CFC outlet
    • Cooling fluid temperature at CFC inlet and outlet
  • Bracket for putting your beer glass down while you admire the shiny shiny...
  • 25mm timber panel for base and plumbing mounting
  • 6 x heavy duty locking castors
  • Hoist included with dual double-pulleys to hoist malt pipe, swing it away from the vessel, then lower it (provide your own ceiling mount points for the pulleys)
  • A few other random bits and pieces to make your brewday easy
  • Plenty of spare silicone tubing included - this stuff is hideously expensive to buy from overseas

Note that when I say CIP, that means recirculating the hot cleaning fluids through all plumbing, a quick wipe of the kettle walls with a scrubber, and open the drain valve. The pump is not powerful enough to drive a standard 1/2" pump spray ball. Having said that, some of the low-pressure ones available may work, but if you want to drive a sprayball through this I'd suggest a dedicated external pump and return through the spare TC port at the top of the kettle. Frankly I don't believe it would be worth the effort vs. 30 seconds of elbow grease - and I'm a man who's all about automated CIP!

I'm happy to run through a brewday with the purchaser if required, although it's actually very intuitive to use despite the seeming complexity of the plumbing.

This system will be sold without an electrical controller. I've driven it successfully with an Ardbir (matho's/Lael's) controller, a CraftBeerPi controller, and a BruControl system - but I'll leave that component to the purchaser to supply and use their preference. I can provide some 10K NTC stainless thermistors if your control box isn't compatible with 1-wire. I can provide all the vessel parameters such as boiloff, grain loss, deadspace etc. to set up a profile in your recipe software.

This is a serious piece of equipment and eye-candy. It's an absolute pleasure to use and I'll be sad to see it go, but I just can't justify having it sit idle any longer.

Asking for $2,500, open to hearing reasonable offers. Inspections welcome in Camp Hill. Happy to ship at buyers expense too.



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