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Equipment For Sale Brewtools B80Pro Single Vessel System - Ontario Canada

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More photos available upon request - Everything is in "LIKE-NEW" condition.

$3200 CANADIAN. US$2350 if you're coming up from the US

Everything in this setup is over $4000 Canadian if bought today at retail - plus shipping plus tax (so closer to $5000)

The B80pro is a brewing system without compromise. Built for enthusiasts.

  • 90-liter (23 gal) tank volume and 20kg (44 lb) malt capacity
  • 30-80 liter (8-21 gal) pre-boil volume for flexibility
  • 6kW heating power (2x3kW) utilizing two mains 240v inputs makes heating and boiling fast
  • High accuracy with 2 digital sensors
  • Conical bottom with center draining for fast and easy cleaning
  • Powerful control system with 7" touch-screen, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2

** I can install the system for you, including required connections if needed - GTA / Halton area **

• Complete B80Pro Brewing system

Additional items INCLUDED:

  • Steam Hat/Hood
  • Insulating Neoprene jacket
  • 2x extra 3-way valves
  • Extra Temp sensor + TC adapter
  • Extra Dip tube
  • Stainless Mash Paddle
  • Silicone Tubing and fittings
  • 34mm barbed tri clamp fittings
  • 10+ Tri clamps for all fittings
  • Extra Tri clamp seals
  • Extra O-Rings for all fittings

Base B80Pro details:

Complete brewing system with controller, pump, tank sensor, heaters and lid
Malt pipe with handle and latches
1 pcs expanded metal filter
1 pcs 3-way valve
Temperature sensor with adapter for pump line
5 pcs 34mm Tri Clamps with gaskets (all used for standard setup)
3 pcs 34mm TC blind caps
1 pcs dip tube, short type
1 pcs mash hat for spreading the wort
1 pcs sparge tube
150cm 16x25mm silicone tube
1 pcs 34mm TC to 19mm hose barb adapter
O-rings for the center pipe and dip tube
2 Nema 6-20 power cables, 2 meter


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