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Saturday Feb 26th is the last Saturday of the month, so we will be opening up the taps again.On tap we will have Paddy's Pilsner
Paddy's Choc Porter
Paddy's Summer Ale
Paddy's Wheat (Filtered)
Paddy's Heffe
Paddy's Amber Ale
Gearins' Dark
Paddy's Pale Ale
Gerard's Lazy Narfa
In the past we have served Chocolate Mousse with our dark beers but this time we will be offering a great match up. Pat & Sticks Homemade Ice Cream Company will be debuting their Double Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich. If you haven't heard of these guy's they can be found at Fox Studio & Balmain Markets most Saturdays. Ice Cream makers who homebrew, these guy's have a great product. As usual we will have plenty of finger food, & only $1 per middy.
See ya next to the Giraffes!
Wish I could be there. An awesome lineup of beers.
However it is opening weekend of Super12 and I have pre-laid plans already.

But Gerard, what is "Gerard's Lazy Narfa" ???

I guess as you won't be there you will have to check out the posts in this forum from around the 27th onwards. Actually all the beers that are on tap on the Saturday night will be on tap for the rest of the week. Crusher can't make it but will turn up later in the week to try a few.
Oh we will have Super 12's on the big screen!
if it wasnt for the fact i live in arnhemland i would be down there in a flash gerard.
a choc porter with a double belgian chocalate ice cream sandwich would be a great starter to line the stomach before hitting the rest of what would no doubt be a great line up of beers.
oneday i will get back to sydney.

big d
OK not long to go now. A few changes to the batting line up.
Paddy's Pilsner
Paddy's Choc Porter & Double Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Paddy's Summer Ale
Paddy's Chilli Beer
Paddy's Heffe
Paddy's Wheat (Filtered)
Paddy's Amber Ale
Gearins' Dark & Double Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Paddy's Pale Ale
Gerard's Lazy Narfa
Ten beers is a record for us. The Chilli beer will be served from a keggy, as it is really only a experiment.

Oh yeah our big screen is huge, so you can sit back & enjoy the rugby.

I can't get there this time, but for anyone who's vacillating, take my word for it- the beers are great.

All the beers I had on saturday night were great but my two favourites were the Summer Ale and (seasonal) Black Ale!

Well done Gerard! :beerbang:

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