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Hi chaps looking for some advice I'm looking at doing temp control for my 3v herms system. the HLT has it own pump which runs during mash run as well as the pump for the MashTun all running through a chillzilla counterflow chiller a treat(manually...check temp..... turning of heating element in HLT). A I want to do is control the on/off the kegking element in HLT not the pumps could I just use a stc-1000 for this. Set at 65-68 run 90 then lauter with 75 of to kettle.

I used a stc-1000 for that since day dot, until my very last brew on my 3V. All I ever did was threw the probe into the water and put a peg on the cable to hold it from falling out.
Thanks sort as much just looking for conformation......KISS is how like to work things.