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Equipment For Sale For Sale - 3V System in Melbourne -SOLD

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3 Vessel Brewing system with PID control. Usually does 21 litre batches, can fit 40 litres in kettle. Uses 10Amp.

Breakdown of components:

Home made control box, with Auberin PID, pump switches and pump on indicators. All electrical devices unplug at bottom except HLT element. Element controlled via over-rated SSR.

CheakyPeak 40 litre plastic mash tun with home made flat false bottom.
SS Brewtech sparging ring fits during water re-circ / sparging.

HLT with HERMS coil, 10A element. Has a second 'booster element' if another 10A circuit can be found. Temps sensor on outlet.

2 pumps included. One pump runs sparge water into mash, second wort into kettle at same time.

Kettle has trub dam and volume guage built in. A very vigorous boil can be achieved due to high pressure gas burner sourced from USA.

Brewstand is 1400mm x 400mm wide. All hoses included.

This system has done over 100 batches, including high gravity beers (like barleywine 1120 OG) without issues. I have brewed a winning Flanders Ale for Vicbrew (second at Nationals) and numerous winners for club comps on this system.

$600 ONO


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