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  1. J

    Has Robobrew overtaken Grainfather for product price point?

    Hi everyone, I have just noticed that Robobrew comes with the same internal malt pipe, overflow pipe, magnetic pump for recirculating and perforated plates as my Grainfather. Granted it doesn't come with a counter flow wort chiller, but it still comes with a wort chiller - plus a better option...
  2. H

    100L micro brewery system

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a system like this or similar. If so Pro and Cons of using a system would be much appreciated. .
  3. A

    Help with kegs...

    Hi, Me and a mate recently bought these kegs off eBay on a whim for $100 and as we've both never used kegs before was wondering what we would need to do to them to get them in working order again? Perhaps it was a little foolish by us.... I thought the bodies of the kegs looked in reasonable...
  4. Damn

    Electric Fruit Preserver aka Beer Maker I know this has been bought up before but I'm surprised it hasn't been pursued more? I can see this as the El-cheapo Aldi...
  5. gava

    My New Brewery Build (pics)

    Hi Everyone, Once again I thought I'd build another brewery.. I seem to have gone through a few systems and my next build will be a The Electric Brewery inspired system. It will be design from the 32amp control box, Currently I have a 20amp point with two 10amp's on a separate circuit (my...
  6. H

    can you ferment in a plastic milk bottle?

    ill explain what i'm trying to do so you can get an idea on why i want to use small containers and also something that doesn't cost much. a couple of mates and i have now brewed our 25th brew and are looking to start experimenting and trying different things. we want to brew up a batch of wort...
  7. squirt in the turns

    Thermoelectric (peltier) glycol chiller for flooded font

    My chest freezer based keggerator set up made a big leap forward yesterday with the acquisition of 2 4-tap flooded fonts. I always thought of flooding as a nice-to-have feature to help prevent foaming issues when pouring that first beer of a session, and never thought about getting the whole ice...
  8. Sainter1775

    New HERMS system build

    Hi chaps looking for some advice I'm looking at doing temp control for my 3v herms system. the HLT has it own pump which runs during mash run as well as the pump for the MashTun all running through a chillzilla counterflow chiller a treat(manually...check temp..... turning of heating...
  9. Black n Tan

    Braumeister Pump Query

    I have just received a brand new Braumeister 50L from G&G. The manual that comes with the unit and Spiedel website indicate that the recirculation pump are 23W, but my unit has only 9W pumps (black Laing E1 vario 15/700B 3-9W, ITT acquired Laing in 2009). Trolling through forums I note that a...
  10. beatbreaker

    Beginners Process Improvement

    Hi Guys, Reason why I'm posting is because I've made about 4 kit brews so far and I'm still only using a primary fermenter, and then going from there directly into the bottles. The tastes are ok, but have a very consistent yeasty flavour (and sludge at the bottom of the bottles) so I'm wanting...
  11. V

    Element for keg-based BIAB rig

    Having fully fleshed out a 3V gas fired rig over the last few years I now plan to create a second, more compact rig (and also just to experience another brewing method). My thoughts had turned to a single vessel BIAB system that was heated using both electricity and gas. The thought was to do...