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  1. H

    100L micro brewery system

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a system like this or similar. If so Pro and Cons of using a system would be much appreciated. .
  2. Truman42

    Stuck mash/Sparge issues.

    Howdy brewers, Ive been having ongoing issues with my system with stuck mash issues where my grain bed compacts like concrete whilst recirculating through my herms. Here is what Ive looked at so far. 1. Grain crush, around 1mm with 80 rpm motor, so not too fine. 2. False bottom, Keg King style...
  3. Weizguy

    Just bought an 80 litre esky. What size batch can I make?

    Just bought this second-hand Techni-Ice box on eBait. 80 litres capacity for $86 (plus freight) (edit for price) Good price, I think, but not entirely compatible with a Brew bucket size fermentor. Now what size batch can I make with it? Say O.G. of 1.050. (Feeling a bit too overwhelmed to...
  4. carniebrew

    Keg King's 3V HERMS Brewery

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with this brewery setup from Keg King? Looks to be good value for what it is, but this is not an area I'm familiar with as a BIAB guy. http://kegking.com.au/magento/3-vessel-recirculating-herms-brewery-kit-assembled.html If there's a thread already on...
  5. Navin

    Herms coil vs immersion chiller where to use my 18m coil

    Hi guys, I've been looking at buying some annealed copper to make a wort chiller and 18m (1/2") is the best value (I'll call around the air conditioning places before committing to the big green shed). I like the idea of future proofing my brewery for potential upgrades the best I can so I...
  6. B

    Looking for advice/gear: AG rig in Brisbane

    Hey Homebrewers, I'm a student and very new to the site (and to brewing in general) and am working on compiling my first all grain rig. I'm looking at a two-tier 3V keg system with one pump and a heap of camlocks/ss fittings (thinking of ordering from 'merica atm). Planning to swap lines around...
  7. gava

    My New Brewery Build (pics)

    Hi Everyone, Once again I thought I'd build another brewery.. I seem to have gone through a few systems and my next build will be a The Electric Brewery inspired system. It will be design from the 32amp control box, Currently I have a 20amp point with two 10amp's on a separate circuit (my...
  8. Jkpentreath

    Looking to down size to 25 lt

    Hi I just moved to barossa. Just wondering if there is anyone out in sa that wants to upsize to a 75 lt rims all grain 3 tier , I am looking to brew more batches so looking for a straight up swap , just bought it 6 months ago. Any interest inbox me.
  9. Jkpentreath

    Need a keg fridge and some kornys in south australia

    Hi any one know the best spot to grab a few korny kegs and a keg fridge I just moved to the barossa. Going shopping tomorrow
  10. Spiesy

    Brewing Systems: BIAB, 2V, 3V, BM etc.

    So, I'm interested in upgrading from my 70l BIAB system. Homebrew is easily my biggest hobby and passion in life, has been for a couple of years now, and I'm only getting more obsessed with time. I've read up a bit on 3V RIMS (which I'm keen on), 3V HERMS (which I'm not so keen on) and then...
  11. fishy

    Chugger pump issues.

    Hi blokes. Just wanted to check with anyone one using the 230v version of the chugger pump, the new variety. I bought a 230v centre inline stainless version from brewhardware in the states along with a bunch of camlocks etc. Have finally got around to assembling my HERMs rig and the pump has...
  12. Sainter1775

    New HERMS system build

    Hi chaps looking for some advice I'm looking at doing temp control for my 3v herms system. the HLT has it own pump which runs during mash run as well as the pump for the MashTun all running through a chillzilla counterflow chiller .....works a treat(manually...check temp..... turning of heating...
  13. kcurnow

    Brewnut Brewing - Electric Brewery Upgrade

    Well that title is a mouthfull!! but hey its time for a brewery upgrade Finally the time has come for a brewery upgrade and to consign the Brewnut Brewery to the scrapheap, or at least to where ghetto homebrew systems go to die. My trusty plastic bucket HLT, coleman cooler mashtun and generic...
  14. Truman42

    flow control for fly sparging

    Ive seen this asked on numerous threads so Im going to create a new post instead of tacking it onto an already existing thread (Sorry to those who seem to get really really really upset about this and let it ruin their entire day) Anyway just noticed these on the new KK catalogue. Would be a...