Nelson's Light: Nelson Sauvin ale pimping suggestions?

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Hi folks,

I made the Nelson's Light from the Cooper's recipe (see recipe below) as one of my first non-kit recipes, and thought it was impressive: intense aroma, nice bitterness, good colour, head etc. Cooper's says it's close to BJCP Pale Ale in character, but light in the body.

I would like to try something both close to the Nelson's Light in aroma/bitterness, but tweak it to increase its body (and perhaps flavour and alcohol ) to get a fuller Pale Ale kinda beer.

The extract recipe of the Ross's Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale seems a similar school of thought: Someone then suggests POR in addition to the wheat malt and busier schedule of Nelson Sauvin additions.

Has anyone got some tips on improving the Nelson's Light recipe? Perhaps just move to Ross' recipe?

Or I was thinking trying some honey, orange peel and coriander in the Nelson's Light recipe...?


Coopers Nelson's Light
OG: 1027,
FG: 1006-1008
IBU: 28,
ABV: 2.9% (approx)
Volume: 21 litres
1.5kg Coopers Light Dry Malt (3 x 500g)
300g Dark Crystal Malt
25g Centennial hops
45g Nelson Sauvin
11g Nottingham Yeast
1. In a large pot bring 500g of Light Dry Malt to the boil with 5 litres of water.
2. Add Centennial Hops and boil for 30 mins.
3. Stir in cracked Dark Crystal Malt grains and 20g of Nelson Sauvin Hops cover and remove from heat to let sit for 30mins.
4. Cool by sitting the pot in cold water for 10 to 20 mins.
5. Strain the liquid into the fermenting vessel and mix with the remaining 1kg of Light Dry Malt.
6. Stir to dissolve, top up to the 21 litre mark, stir vigorously then add yeast and try to ferment at 21oC.
7. After a few days of fermentation add the remaining 25g of Nelson Sauvin hops in a hop bag.

Check out the Coopers Homebrew Forum - here:

The light recipe first appeared on that forum before it ended up on the Coopers website. Some people on that site did exactly what you are wanting to do and make a fuller version of the light.

A few people have made variations on this - search on the Coopers forum site for ideas.

I haven't tried Ross' recipe but by all accounts it's nice.

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