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I have taken the advice from a few members on this forum & went to purchase some Napisan from Wollies.

Now when I was perusing the aisle, there were at least 4 different types.

Napisan Vanish (Cleans, Sanitisers, Deoderises & Antibacterial. This is the one I purchased with 25.7% Sodium Percarbonate)

Napisan Oxyaction

Napisan Plus

Home brand with 343 grams/Kg Sodium Percarbonate

Does it matter which one I use, as the Home Brand is much cheaper :beerbang:

Assistance is greatly appreciated :p
i dont think so im using the homebrand one as well for the same reason
I use and recommend the pure stuff. I bought a 25kg bag from Hucon.
Out of those, i'd pick the generic brand, less likely to have other stuff added.

As sosman said, the pure stuff is preferable to any of the supermarket stuff
Excellent, thanks for that. Will go the cheapest option :)

I'll have to track down the pure "stuff"

All the best,
sodium percarbonate is the stuff you want,its the active ingredient,

any cleaning supply should have it, or be able to get it for you
sodium percarbonate is this not Washing Soda. ?? should beable to get a bag of that pretty cheep...

bulk buy is the way to realy save find a mate close by and go 1/2s in a big bag..
Sodium carbonate or soda ash / washing soda, Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It is a white crystalline compound with a cooling alkaline taste, and found in the ashes of many plants. It is produced artificially in large quantities from common salt. It is used in the manufacture of: glass, chemicals such as sodium silicates and sodium phosphates, the pulp and paper industries, the manufacture of detergents and for the treatment of water. It is also used as an alkaline agent in many chemical industries

Sodium percarbonate (or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate) is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. When dissolved into water, its releases H2O2 and soda ash (sodium carbonate). 2Na2CO3 . 3H2O2 ---> 2Na2CO3 + 3H2O2 The pH of the resulting solution is typically alkaline, which activates the H2O2 for bleaching. The dry powder contains about 30% w/w H2O2.
Plastic Man - We are not fortunate enough as yet to have Aldi here in Tassie :(

ozbrewer - Thanks, I'll have to track down some local contacts for the pure stuff

Ducatiboy stu - good info on the chemicals

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