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In my local HBS last week and noticed the following sitting on the shelves and wondering what they were like.

Munton's Gold Range

Munton's Premium Gold Range

I saw $40 for one of them, can't recall which one but thought that was a little steep considering but just curious whether anyone has tried them or someone else has tried them?

The Premium Gold range, even at $40, is well worth the expense. As I have stated in a previous post, I consider the Old Conkerwood Black Ale to be the best dark ale kit on the market. If you don't mind going that bit further, try it with a kilo of chocolate malt extract, about 20g of fuggles hops (dry hopped) and an Edinburgh Ale yeast, although by itself with no additives at all it still makes a remarkable dark ale ... You will be pleasantly suprised.


It would be interesting to know the source of their extract - ie the variety of barley used (eg. Maris Otter Ale, Halcyon).

"We begin by carefully selecting and malting the best English 2-row barley. Great care is taken when making our extract to ensure we retain all the malt flavour and character. "

I understand that floor malted Maris Otter has recently become available in Australia (see ) From what I've read, the character of these English barley strains underpin the malt flavour of traditional English ales - and the technique of floor malting produces a superior malt product.

Anyway I was thinking about this in relation to brewing English style ales. As a grain brewer I can buy English Halcyon and Maris Otter to try and get closer to an English flavour. However if I was brewing from extract, perhaps kits like Muntons would be my best bet (as they're sourced from top quality English barley).

Alternatively, does anyone know if unhopped Muntons extract is available in Australia?

Believe me I have treid to glean information out of Muntons regarding the malts and hops used in their products, but they remain tight-lipped about every aspect of their formulation, so I can't really help on that front.
As far as I am aware, Muntons unhopped extracts are not as yet available in Australia. Wether they will become available has not yet been discerned. <_<



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