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Gas manifolds and alternatives

Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by Tangle Foot, 10/11/19.


  1. Tangle Foot


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    Scenic Rim, Qld
    Posted 10/11/19
    Hi all,

    I’ve bought in the last year and a half two 3 way brass gas manifolds for distributing gas to multiple kegs inside my beer fridge. One of these was for my fridge and one was from my dads. Both of the manifolds have developed a fault whereby gas is not released through one or more of the outlets. In my case one outlet releases no gas, and my dad‘s case it’s two of the three. I have the manifolds mounted on the inside of the fridge so that I can run a single gas line through the wall from the regulator. The manifolds I’m using, have a non-return valve in each of the ball valves, so I have not put any other flow return device between the manifold and the kegs.

    So, just wondering if i’m using this the right way, and has anybody else had problems with these, or whether they’re not suitable to mount inside the fridge?

    What kind of alternatives are out there that could be used for gas distribution inside the fridge? I’m reasonably interested in being able to provide different pressures to each keg, and have been considering putting in a a couple secondary regulators, such as the Micromatic Premium Secondary - but can’t find anyone with these for sale in Australia. The Compact Secondary is available, but I like the idea of having a pressure gauge on each of the regulated outputs. Again does anyone know whether you can mount these inside the fridge, or do they need to be outside?

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