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Complete all grain setup - Electric rig, Temp Controlled fridge & Bar

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Hey all,

The time has come to sell up my gear and move on to bigger and better things.
I'd like to try and sell it as a package. Pricing is tricky so I will list it all out and you are welcome to shoot PM me offers.

Bar (Keezer)
Chest Freezer (cant remember how many litres) Lined with Jarrah timber, fits 6 x 19l kegs and could fit a couple of smaller kegs on the compressor hump. Or I have had 4 x 19l kegs and gas bottle inside with room to spare. Has a 4 tap font on top with 4 x Perlick 650ss stainless flow control taps, They are brand new. Runs off a temperature controller. Has a 4 way gas manifold and a 240v fan inside for circulating air.

Fermentation Fridge
Older style spring valley fridge, Curved glass front. Comes with temperature controller and heat pad. Works great just a bit noisey when it fires up.
Depending on what fermenters you use, could fit 2 x 60l fermenters. Will do 100L + without a problems, just put in shelves to suit.

Main brew rig (braumeister style)
Brew rig is a 100L Craftbrewer stainless steel pot. 3.6kw (15amp) custom made heating element. Internal setup is for recirculation during mash, grain goes into a 20l pot inside, this gets clamped to the bottom and recirculates up through the mash. Grain filter on top. Also can do double batches (40-50L). All fittings are stainless steel. Comes with a Mathos braumeister controller. Comes ready to go, with a little stand i welded up. Pump is included. Everything is there to start brewing straight away.

Brew rig 2
50L Keggle, BIAB style. 2.2kw element, stainless stand to keep grain bag off element. Some fittings welded in for recirculation if required.

Kegs x 8
19L corni ball lock. All Orings where replaced when i bought them. Used them only for a few brews.

SupaGas Co2 bottle, Full

Monster Mill MM2 - Stainless steel rollers

Also there is lots of loose bits and pieces, spare stainless fittings, orings, starsan etc etc.
If i get a reasonable price I've also got prob 100kg of grain i'll throw in. 5-6 20kg bags and a 50L container of mixed specialty grains individually bagged.

This was many years of work and a huge labour of love. Now its time for someone else to enjoy it.

I'm based in Warrnambool, 3 hours from melbourne, Happy to meet someone half way if there is interested.

Pm me resonable offers and see what we can work out.


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