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Mill Motors

Discussion in 'AHB Sponsors Shop' started by motiondynamics, 22/5/10.


  1. Lyrebird_Cycles

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    Posted 19/11/17
    V drop is about .06V per metre of cable, so as long as the supply is reasonably close the the mill you'll be fine.
  2. Engibeer

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    Posted 22/3/19
    Can someone please measure the height of a mashmaster minimill for me?

    I'm away from home and can't get home to measure mine. I want to design a hopper in CAD while I'm away. I took all the other dimensions I needed before I left. Didn't think I'd need the height.

    Planning to make a CAD template and post it publicly for 1:1 printing - planning on making it a slot design like the commercially available perspex mill - so no screws required for assembly, just cut the pieces from a sheet of ~6mm ply and push together!
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