"la Wambrechies" French Beer

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Hey all, to those that have tried "La Wambrechies" what is this beer classified as?
Its beautiful, i tried looking on their website for style info or info on how its is brewed but they dont have much to say on it except that its a warm fermentation.
If anyone has any knowledge on what ingredients or yeast to use with this i'd be greatful. This beer is bottle conditioned but im not sure if whats in the bottle is the primary yeast strain?
Is this the one?

La Wambrechies

Belgian. From the description it has jenever added. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell us which one, and there are well over 150 different types of jenever...
Yep thats the one! Ah so its Belgian, heres me thinking everything that starts with "La" is french! :)

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