How To Keep My Fermenter Cool?

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I live in Newcastle so it get's hot in summer. As i am new to this game i am looking for all the advise i can get.
I have been told that i need to keep my brew under 27 deg. or lower. So i thought about getting a large plastic tub to sit my fermenter in and filling it half with water and wrapping the fermenter in a towel and putting a large block of ice on the top to keep it cool. Would this work?
What do you guys do.
Beerboy, that will work to get the temperature down a few degrees. You will find most people here brew in fridges that are temperature controlled by thermostats. If you can pick up a cheap old fridge it is surprisingly inexpensive.

Take a look at this page.
Yep, the wet towel works ok for me, but it's only worth a couple of degrees really. A lot of the guys here have fridges they brew in.

The low 20s is really what your aiming for, although it does depend on your yeast. I try never to let my brew get over 24C.
i have donr the same with reuseable ice packs and frozen water in coke bottle and had my brew down to 22 deg on a 37 deg day in the shed but brew when it cooler and stockpile thats what i do
$50 frig, plus $10 timer switch. Its all you need.

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