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How many kegs do you currently have for beer dispensing?

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The Imperial Metric Brewery
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Well I am currently at 4 kegs and thinking another two would increase the comfort level so I can age some beers a bit longer and ensure stocks are not depeleted in the event of any getherings which consume a couple of kegs.

I only fear that 6 will make me need 8 ....... :eek:

Has anyone attained a comfortable level of kegs?
Kegs are like fermenters and boiler size, you always need more! I've got 6 x 5gallon kegs and 2x 3gllon kegs. I've got 4 taps so this is just enough for now. More taps will mean more kegs.

hmm I only have one tap and the four kegs! Who has 14+ kegs c'mon own up.
I only own a mere six.

But to facilitate more than six. I'd need more than two fridges. Just see the wife loving that every time the light bill arrives. :lol:

Currently 10, 7 50l & 3 20l and one lowenbru converted to a fermenter.
Have 3 more 20l coming in the next few weeks.
5 for me. A good number if you want to do some lagering in them. Only two taps but regularly four kegs in operation and one waiting to be filled. But I'd happily take more but as noted by Warren, a new fridge/freezer would be needed to accomodate them.

8 x 18lt

2 x 3 gallon on order for the US
8 for me....

I think a good rule of thumb to work out the amount you'll need is to fill up your beer fridge and have two batches of beer extra. (i.e. two more kegs if doing 20 litre batches, or 4 if doing 40 litre batches....).

Asher for now
Welllllllllllllllllll, I only have 4 dispensing kegs (2 18l & 2 20l) at the moment, but, I also have 5 50l kegs that are being converted into various AG brury components. Also have 8 Fermenters & 4 Jerry Cans so will need to up the dispensing kegs in the coming months.

I Have 3 taps on the fridge...

But have 5 kegs to keep 2 for aging plus 2 spare for my brother.

But i am planing my bar with a three tier font so will wont some more kegs for taht - especially if sell the whole 3 tap beer fridge with 3 kegs.
I only fear that 6 will make me need 8 .......

I currently have 6 x 18L kegs and 3 x 11L kegs.
You're right though, the more kegs you have the more you want (need) especially when doing lagers.
All depends how big your setup/fridge etc is I suppose.

I have 4 x 18 litre, 1 x 20 litre, and 1 x 45 litre.
Plus the two 50 litre converted for the AG brewery.

My rule of thumb is two more kegs than you have fermentation space for.
Then the hard bit is getting enough brewing done to fill the kegs and still have more fermenting in fermenters.

I have six kegs all currunetly at least half full.
my beer usuall stays in my fermentors( i have six of those to) untill its ready then it goes straight to keg and drunk after 100 gentle rocks at 300kpa.

I do have another 3 50 litre kegs but i didn't count them as i have not used them yet as iam waiting to work out how to make up same bungs for the holes that used to be the spear.
I have welded turrets on them to take ball lock posts.
anyway count them then i have 9 kegs.
I don't think i will ever buy any more kegs as that is ample.

as far as cold places go i have a fridge that fits four 20litre kegs and a cool room that fits all six fermentors and all the kegs.

1 45 litre keg converted to a boiler i bottle and aint looking into kegs for a long while
Yeah, JasonY, you snob, Jazzman and I are looking for the 0 kegs option and its not even there!
Only one boiler ATM. But plan to have 6 x 18-20L kegs by Christmas
I didn't know we where counting converted kegs. B)
then i have 11 kegs all up including the ones the don't curruntly hold beer for drinking.

Sorry no pity for the guys with zero kegs. :lol:

Cheers and something that starts with B
sorry GL it was very selfish of me :( I will buy you a beer tomorrow at the meet :)
Hello all,

Its been 4.5 years since this post was last replied to and more than likely the same thing has popped its head up somewhere else, just did a search and found this..

Anyhow, was just reading this topic here and thought id get it going again maybe to show this person how many kegs, you brewers actually do have...


Anyhow, I got my 1st 4, 3 weeks ago and just bought a 9ltr Party keg, im happy with that at the moment(may get another 2-4 next year, great investment if the $ stays/gets worse than it is now!!!)
12 x 19l. Sometimes 12 isn't enough....:(

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