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So... this is probably going to sound like another stupid question, but!
I'm geussing the hops for the brew is the can you buy?
Am I correct?
Sorry about the dumb questions, but as you can see, I really have no idea!
Cheers :beer:
Mate you've been drinking, haven't you. Any chance of explaining what you mean a little bit more.

No I haven't had a drink since Friday mate.
I have see in the supermarkets, the cans of home brew mix, could somebody please tellme what these cans contain? Is it the yeast or is it the hops?
If its the yeast, where do I get the hops from and how much will it set me back?
If its the hops, where do i get the yeast from and how much will it set me back?

Once again thanks guys, as you can see, I really have NO idea.
Ok got that sorted.

The cans are essentially a concentrate of hop bitting and liquid malt extract. The yeast usually on top of the can. You add a 1kg of some additional sugar to bulk up the fermentables. You can make 23l of beer for like 14 dollars, but more than likely it will taste like crap. For a better start, go to a HBS where you could expect to pay $20-30 for the ingredients to make good beer.

1kg of extra sugar, what could i use for that? Buy an 1kg can of liquid malt extract? Would that make a better beer, because i don't think there is a HBS around my area.
andy, if you want to buy your ingredients from a supermarket, the best you will probably do is a can with a coopers brew bag. This has a few things in it that would make it a better beer then just using plain old sugar.
If you want to get Coopers Brew Booster you will have to go to Coles, Kmart, Target or something. Woolworths dont stock their brew boosters anymore
Reading the side of the tin would explain what was included in it.....

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