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I used a cooper's pale ale kit on the 7th as directed (*), and noticed only 3 days later bubbling had stopped.
The temperature has been quite warm so assumed all was normal.

I checked gravity over 3 days (10th-12th, approx midday each time) but was too busy yesterday (12th) to bottle, so left it until after work tonight (2am Jan 14)
These 3 days gravity was 1010, but tonight is closer to 1006

* I used
* cooper's pale ale kit (inc. YEast)
* brew enhancer 2
* about 200g raw sugar

Now I see two reasons... raw sugar takes longer to ferment, or infection (never had any infection in the past...)

Which is more likely?

I've bottled a dozen stubbies already in case there's no problems, so I have some beer a few days earlier... I'm gonna check gravity in morning and tomorrow after work.

What force should I expect from a bottle bomb? I have stubbies wrapped in pairs in plastic bags in a carton on table out back, will they break through and risk injury to my dogs?
It's probably fine, yeast does funny things sometime and 1.006 isn't too low. Have a sip and see if it tastes infected, this isn't a conclusive test but will give you an idea. I tend to leave my beer alone when it's fermenting, less interference means less chance of infection. That said many people do exactly what you've done with great success.
Bottle bombs don't explode they just spurt beer everywhere, PET bottles are designed to fail safe. The only way it would hurt your dogs is if they drank too much beer (most dogs like beer). I don't think bottle bombs are too likely in this case anyway.

if you bottled in glass they can and will explode if you bottle too early or prime too high
PET isnt 100% failsafe either, i remember hearing of someone blowing a cupboard door off when a PET bottle ruptured
theres a big difference between a gusher and a bottle bomb

theres a few threads on this forum showing glass/shrapnel stuck in walls/ceilings

not trying to freak you out but there is a risk if they do go bang and a few guys on here that have had close calls will back that up for sure.
If your using a hydrometer they are mostly calibrated for readings at 20C. It my have just been that you taken the 2 different readings at different temperatures.
I'd keep those bottles out of harms way still just incase lol.

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