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I am off to France and Italy tomorrow for a few months of winemaking.

I will mainly be in Bordeaux, Southern France and Piemonte (NW Italy).

Does anybody have any experience visiting breweries in France, I know it is known for its wine but I can't survive without good beer.

I am staying a few nights in Paris and travelling around a reasonable amount whilst there.

I wish I could help out, but I don't really know much about finding beer in France. I didn't have much luck in Paris, though I could of tried harder.

Theres a lot of good french beer out there though, heres a few breweries I've tried from that I'd recommend:

Brasserie Thiriez
Brasserie La Choulette
Cervoiserie Lancelot
Brasserie Bailleux
St. Sylvestre
Tonnerre De Brest
Brasserie Duyck

Also, if you see Panil Bariquee anywhere in Italy, it's worth a try! The italian beer scene is aparently supposed to be quite interesting at the moment, lots of new breweries popping up.

Good luck, and hope you enjoy your time there :)
I am very nervous. A bit of agro has been happening in Languedoc and the guy I am working for, his brothers winery was bombed.

I think I will need many beers to unwind.
Flack jacket might be the go. I am off to Germany, Belgium and also France in the next month. Hopefully will find some time to sample the wares. Let me know if you find anything in France?
Hopefully will find some time?

You'll be in some of the best beer countries in the world!!
Two free days in Belgium and the main conferences/seminars are in Germany. I plan on sampling a few
I'll post what I find. A mate in Barolo in italy tells me there is a brewery near to where he is, might have to give that a nudge!

auv wah! :p

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