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Tony M

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Now being the proud owner of a beaut wooden mash paddle, i discarded the old plastic spoon and commissioned the new gadget. Was greatly surprised when mashing in to pick up bunches of what looks like weevil cobwebs sticking to the furry bits of woodgrain on the paddle.
My question is, is this not uncommon. have I just not noticed the stuff before? and what nuances is this likely to add to the beer?
I've brought this back up as I'm a bit worried about these bugs. Obviously posting on a Saturday afternoon when everybody is mowing the lawn is a bit like political press releases on a Friday night----no one reads them.
The boil will take care of the bugs. How is your grain store? I'm guessing that if the infection was troubling then you would have noticed the weevils before mixing in the mash tun. A few bugs wont hurt prior to the boil.
After much research and consultation with other Perth brewers, the only conclusion I can come up with is that it should'nt be a problem as long as the chicken wings are not affected.

The problem may be with the new mash paddle.
This link may help.
Guest Lurker said:
If you tried my Dark English Mild at any Perth gatherings, then you will already know what the extra protein will taste like.

That was a fine drop GL :chug:

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