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Caulfield north. Melbourne
Over the last 10 years or so I’ve built and improved my brewery, but for health reasons I’ve had to give up alcohol. So I’m selling it. Pickup in Caulfield North.

here's a link to the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iyctz1nfznzrp1y/AAD4TJDYzGTuDlbH7Q9mm6I-a?dl=0

Everything priced for individual sale.

3-pot brewery - $1250
The brewstand was designed to be optimal for flow rate and the vessel heights. You don’t need a ladder to see in the top of the HTL when it’s on the stand. All three vessels are ceramic coated for insulation to help efficiency. The paint it high-temp stove paint with a ceramic additive that the put on house roofs to improve insulation. It helps the boil and the mash tun hold heat. The stand is commercially welded out of 4mm steel and packs away small when not in use. The HTL and Kettle are electric with 10A, 2200W elements on heavy duty power cords, using waterproof junctions and switches and are earthed and were done by a sparky I used to work with. Both have stainless thermometers and borosilicate glass sight tubes that have been calibrated. The mash tun has a copper manifold that outperforms steel braid, false bottoms and a few other designs I’ve tried. It’s got added base insulation. It’s also on a hinged plate to allow easier emptying as lifting a spent mash tun is hard work. The manifold was made using lead-free solder. Minerals for water composition, a mash paddle, a kettle spoon, a bunch of last year’s dried hops, cleaner, oak chips for smokiness in dark beers, There’s also an automatic syphon tube and a simple hop sock suspender thing to stop hop flowers blocking the pickup tube. And a 1 litre stainless wort cup for recirculation.
Then there’s a whole lot of other stuff, silicon hoses, spare keg parts, a 60 litre grain bin,

Chiller $50
A brand new stainless steel immersion chiller with a flow restriction valve to make it work exceptionally well.

Grain Mill $400
The grain mill is a 2-roller Monster Mill from the USA with the aluminium block, adjustable crush and an in-built hopper. It’s powered by a high-torque 240v motor on direct drive using a power transformer. It’s secured to a specially built steel stand and has a grist shield underneath to stop the malt dust going everywhere. It comes with a hdpe bucket and a stainless-steel bucket.

Scale $50
Commercial grade weighing scale.

Fermenting fridge $150
The fridge is in excellent condition. It’s controlled by a STC1000 and has a heat lamp in a ceramic pot housing to ramp up temperatures as well as cool them. It will crash chill really quickly.

Gas lines, manifold & CO2 $450
4 - tap balanced gas line system for keezer setup, with stainless manifold, 2.5kg gas cylinder half-full and gas regulator. One of the taps is a perlic creamer. I've got another tap as a donor in a box of bits for spare parts. tap handles are vintage wooden tool handles. very cool. The gas lines are sized to the right length for pressure balance and great pours.

4 excellent kegs. Clean. $200 for the four. $75 each. New seal kits and disconnects in a spares box.

Hop plants
I have 3 excellent hop plants, Chinook, East Kent Goldings and Pride of Ringwood. And a trellis to hang them from. $75 for the lot.

Custom Hop Dropper $50
a custom 1-hop-per-minute dropper for continually hopped IPA’s

2200w Element $50
a 2200w handheld element as a spare.

Starter Jar and stirrer $50
I also have a starter jar, with a magnetic stirrer and a drive box. The jar is borosilicate so your starter can be boiled in it to prevent infection

Custom pinstriped antique ice saw
There’s also a custom painted pinstriped antique ice saw by DAKAM a pinstriper in Melbourne. I commissioned it so there's no other like it. The saw is an antique ice saw which cost $75. The art cost $250. I'm looking for $300.

Party keg jockey box setup $75
I have the beginnings of a party keg setup (tap gas line portable CO2 and a keg insulating jacket) – I used the portable set up once and it kept a full keg chilled for nearly a whole afternoon and evening at Christmas.

Freezer / Keezer. $50
It all runs off another STC1000. It’s been excellent and in constant use for 5 years. But I think the relay needs replacing. Online it’s a $35 part. There’s also a hopinator that goes on the outside and can run via tap #4 with a stainless filter and a clear polycarbonate body. if you want to take it and fix it, $50. Just the body and collar.

here's a link to the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iyctz1nfznzrp1y/AAD4TJDYzGTuDlbH7Q9mm6I-a?dl=0
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Sad you have to give it up and GL with the sale.

If you end up splitting it up, please put my name up first for the scales :)
@IainMcLean if you decide to split up, and negotiable on the mill price I'm keen on giving it a closer look.
Good luck
$1000 for the lot. Has to be out of the shed by tomorrow as the house a rental. Amazing deal. I'll even help you set it up on your first brewday if you're not too far away. Otherwise it's going in longterm storage to be forgotten.
If you can't flog it in time, you're welcome to store it at my place for a short while until you get a decent offer.

Sadly I'm not in the market as I've scaled down to a 1v system

edit: oops just realised some time ago I said I'd take the scales but when you said SOLD I thought you meant you'd flogged the whole lot

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