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hi guys,i have crabbed an esb pilsner today and i am going to put it together tomorrow,it has 34/70 lager yeast in it which is a good start,being a 3 kg pack i guess its got some extra malt in it but has any one made one of these and did you add anything else,i have been used to using coopers kits and generally have been throwing a kilo of extra malt and some hops in a boil,these have been turning out excellent beers,any advice would be most welcome
Nope - doesn't get much easier than an ESB 3kg.
And the 34/70 is a great yeast for it. If you really want you can add perhaps a Morgans sachet of Saaz hops when you throw it into secondary.
Fergi, I have done a couple of ESB 3kg kits, they are pretty good a sis but as Dunkel Boy suggests a tea bag of hops is a good idea. I used 34/70 recently in a lager, the main thing to watch out for is keep it kool baby, around 9 degrees.
Brad T :chug:
this one turns out pretty bitter. i would probably add a little extra water to it...
Yeah I found it to be pretty bitter too

ALSO I added the extra 10 grams of saaz but if I did it again I would probably leave them out.

I would just following the instructions on the can and use a liquid yeast if you have the opportunity otherwise 34/70 will be great too.
I haven't tried the pilsener, so perhaps test before you add the sachet of Saaz.
But, in terms of liquid yeast, remember that 34/70 is EXACTLY the same strain as Wyeast 2124 which is the same strain as WLP830 German Lager yeast. Just keep that in mind before you fork out the money.
Im currently brewing an ESB fresh wort (been a bit busy for the AG lately) with WLP838 southern german lager yeast and it is coming along really nicely.
This yeast really brings out the 'bready' malty flavours. I plan to brew a Vienna and then an ocktoberfest in the next few weeks using this yeast.
I made up a 3kg ESB Nut Brown during the summer, and added 1 kg LME and 40g Cascade dry hopped.

It was a nice drink apart from the fact that it wasn't bitter enough. If I did it again I'd leave out the LME.

The Pilsener might be a different story.
ok thanks guys i am glad i didnt get chance to make it the next day as planned.i think i will go with the straight esb can and see what happens,there are a few different opinions here so i suppose its all up to taste,i will post back when i try it
Good, just make sure if you go liquid you don't buy either of those strains... since you'll pay $10-20 instead of $2-5.

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