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Wouldn't be a bad score but it looks like they all need those commercial snap lock fittings (like in the first picture), which most of them don't have. It looks like the rest don't have any fittings at all and you couldn't be real certain if they would take a ball lock or pin lock tank plug. Oh well. May be a good gamble for someone but could be a costly mistake too.


N.B. How did I miss this auction???
They went for $500, I think I might have gone for it if I had seen them earlier.
The bloke is just up the road.
considering some wanker seemed to be bidding continually against himself?? (wtf???) the price seems pretty artificial. probably could have gone for less.

21-Apr-04 14:46:35 AEST AU $440.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:46:09 AEST AU $430.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:45:45 AEST AU $420.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:45:17 AEST AU $410.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:44:32 AEST AU $400.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:44:01 AEST AU $390.00 timyarra( 1 )
21-Apr-04 14:43:37 AEST AU $380.00 timyarra( 1 )
He's only bought 1 item before so could be a newbie mistake. But anyway I didn't think you could up your bid like that, ie. the proxy bidding system. Perhaps it had a reserve on it and he was looking for the reserve price.

Anyway, I still would have liked to have seen them in person before shelling out $500.

11 kegs.. Hmmmmmmm :)

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