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Was shopping in Coles the other day and; after hearing Johnno enquiring about the CCB I thought I'd whack it in the fermenter for a test run. Money was short and so was time but I managed to sneak this into the shopping trolley.

I got it home and got to work meticulously cleaning my fermenter. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that I was going to use got the twice over. I even took Jovial's advice and pulled the tap apart and took to it with a toothbrush.


1.7kg Coopers Canadian Blond
1kg Brewiser brew booster
21.3Litres water (approx)

First, I put a frozen bottle of water in the sink full of water to create an icy cold water mix. Then I mixed up the can and booster in 4 litres hot water. stirred until mixed thoroughly. Once the ingredients had all disolved, I put the brew pot into the sink with the ice for 15 minutes, stirring [the wort] with a sterilised spoon.

I then transferred said wort to fermenter, added cold water and took my OG (1.038 - a bit low but is probably due to a little excess water) and pitched the yeast.

Smelled quite sweet and had an extremely light color. Almost whitish; pale, pale yellow at best. Tasted as sweet as it looked (of course).

Fermenter was set in an air conditioned room at about 24 degrees.
Swoit moit.

Got home from work and expected to see the airlock bubbling away but bubbling is very very slow, maybe 1 bubble every 15 seconds :blink: . Took a [full] sample from the tap. Smells nice. quite nice actually. emptied some into a glass and had a taste. :huh: Wow - this is quite good already. not as sweet as it smells and tastes almost corona-ish. S.G is now at 1.026
Had to put some extra water in the airlock, the smell coming from the airlock is less than pleasant. Hope this is normal? (the smell I mean)

All in all this is shaping up quite well for a supermarket beer. I've decided to "go back to basics" and get it right from here. No Hops, no fancy adjuncts or whatever. Just K+K and perfect it. Once this is good, I'll take the next steps, but it's starting to look promising already.

I had my very first kegged beer with this beer. It was for a party and someone else had also kegged a more expensive beer and had commented that mine being a supermarket kit would be crap !

Anyway, i had the last laugh, after the party my keg was empty ! his still full. and really good comments on how my beer was so good.

You can certainly produce a top tasting supermarket beer!

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