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CO2 regulator for sodastream, flasks, gas flow meter (Canberra)

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CO2 regulator for portable dispensing. $40
This is a US bought regulator which has the same thread as soda stream bottles and leads off to a disconnect. Making it work with sodastream bottles is a small machined brass plate and o-ring which seals and then depresses the soda stream bottle valve. Note that it will not work on an Australian bought CO2 cylinder from BOC or your local brew shop. In the interests of disclosure, it is my recollection that if left connected for extended periods the pressure would creep up a few PSI. Not really an issue for a portable/party setup, but not ideal for a home dispensing fridge.

Sodastream bottles. $10, $5, $free respectively
60l "new", 60l (about 2/3 full), 40l empty (for exchange)

IMG_20190930_130036882.jpg IMG_20191001_120729298.jpg
2 litre conical (erlenmeyer) flasks. $10 each with stir bars.

Gas flow meter and airstone. $40.
Previously used for aerating starters and wort. Comes with gas disconnect.

Given the fragile nature of the flasks and the nature of transporting pressurized cylinders, these would need to be picked up from Canberra (Latham). Probably about $15 postage for the other items (boxed and then in an express post bag).

Regulator and flow meter sold.
One Erlenmeyer flask remaining.

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