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FS (Newcastle) Kegerator w. 2 x Perlick SS Flow Control Taps, 4 x Corny Kegs, Regulator etc.

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Hi Guys,

I'm sellling my homebuilt kegerator/keezer set-up with:

- Converted chest freezer with timber collar, chalkboard paint, controlled with an STC1000 (will fit 3 x corny kegs and 2.6kg gas bottle)
- 2 x SS Perlick Flow Control taps with shanks (the collar will fit an additional tap)
- Taprite 2 x gas regulator (one pressure gauge is missing a cover but works)
- 4 x ball lock corny kegs
- Gas and liquid disconnects included
- Mashmaster drip tray

Also up for grabs is a standard plastic fermenter, 500ml and 2000ml Erlenmeyer flasks and DIY stirplate (missing the stir bar)

I haven't brewed in about three years, everything is in good working order but is due for a clean

$500 ONO (not looking to split at this stage)

Located in Maryville NSW 2293 (Newcastle), pick up only. Happy to answer any questions.


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