Issues with CO2 tank? Or am I just an idiot?

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Hi all,
Finally decided to take the dive and invest and upgrade from the kit and kilo -> bottles setup. Bought a fermentersaurus, a keg, a CO2 tank and assorted goodies. All brand new from a reputable supplier interstate. I was sanitizing the fermentasaurus and had was going to use some CO2, push it through to the keg and tip it out. Thing is, I connected the tank to the regulator and the reg to the fermenter, open the tank tap and the reg slowly increased to ~50bar. Weird. I work with big G sized CO2 tanks and when you open them, they hit max pressure immediately. Are these small tanks different? So I open the regulator tap and the gas flows for two seconds, both needles hit 0 and then I have to close the reg before the needle will start to climb again. Am I missing something? Everything is tight and there's no leaks as far as I can tell (at work we run dishwashing liquid over the joins and look for bubbles. No bubbles). Is the tank just empty? In my experience when mine empty they go for good, but we also use the liquid dip tube types so it's a little different. This is a brand new cylinder that should have 4L in it, but maybe the tap was bumped in transit or something!

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Does this sound like a nearly empty cylinder to you? Or is this something else? What a freakin pain in the ass! Just want some sweet sweet kegged nectar of the gods any advice would be appreciated.


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