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Hi guys, i have recently brewed my first ever beer and loved it and I would now like to try and make a Cider.

I'm thinking of making a pink lady brew with around 10 to 15% pear (undecided as to which pear)
and i would like to add a bit of either sultana's or persimmon only a small amount.

I live near windsor NSW and would like to get some advice as to any suggestions to what orchard i should try and get the pink lady juice from.
I'm going to make up 2 batches of 25L each so i want to find somewhere i can go that will make the pear/apple mix and put it into my fermentor on the spot.

any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
If you live near Windsor then any orchard that can supply you with freshly pressed pink lady juice around Bilpin would be the logical choice. Might be worth ringing around to check before you go.
I think more so i was interested in finding out if anyone had any preferences as to a cider friendly farm that they could suggest
in the Sydney area.

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