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Hi Guys
Just a quick question I have just got a second fermenter and have no room for a firdge If i rack to the secondary and leave it for a week or two at room temp (Laundary coldest room in the house) will this do anything like CC to clear the brew or Iam i just wasting time and should bulk prime and bottle :D
If you can keep temp to no more thanvery low 20Cs then leaving itr in secondary will at least allow the beer to drop some yeast, then you can rack & bulk prime

Also Dry Hop in the secondary....try and keep th etemp to what JM Stated.
Hmmm just reread your post. . ."second fermenter"

If that is a second 30L carboy then don't leave the beer in there no more than a week regardless of temps: there will be a lot of air above the beer and that will oxidise your beer!

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Thanks Guys

i thing ill get it out monday and bottle

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