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I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with these things (bottle bombs) i used these things last year every batch i made i lost between 10 & 12 bottles i left 1 brew in primary for 3 weeks at 25c thinking that i may have been bottlling my brews to early no difference tried all brands of drops no difference need less to say Bulk Priming is the prefered method now.

lager, never used them but I have never heard anyone speak favourably of them. Overgassed and big bubbles is the common feedback. I think the only thing going for them is the simplicity ... mind you bulk priming is just as easy and you have control.

Stick with bulk priming. :)
used them about four or five times last year and never really had problems with them. at least no bottle bombs.
do you have a hydrometer? be sure to check the fg before bottling.
are you using the recommended amount? one drop for stubbies (375ml) and two for the bigger PET bottles.
what temp do you allow them to carbonate at? i usually leave them around 18C for one to two weeks and once the PET bottles feel firm enough, move them to a cooler spot for storage/conditioning.
i usually just bulk prime now since i have some dex left over. its a bit more nerve racking with the thought of keeping things clean, but i think its worth it. good luck
I use them, as people say they come out fizzy like coke, but i actually like that in my ginger beers and ciders etc.
Never had a bomb with them, as joe says, check your FG before bottling.

What bottles are you using? Some of the bottles these days are so thin i won't use them.
I have said i before and will say it again,
"feed em to next doors dog" and go the bulk prime
Hello Joe FG was fine & correct amounts put in bottles storage conditions ok a real mystery :ph34r:

j griffin
could be something in the bottles tooheys & crown lager stubbies are the only ones that seam to EXPLODE

I did that & the dog DIED :(

Just be aware too of the fact that a lot of stubbies these days, particularly the crown seals ones (imports and stuff), are smaller than 375ml (which is what the size of your carb drop is meant for). If you use a carb drop for a 375ml bottle in a 330ml bottle your going to over carbonate it. I doubt that the fact that the bottle is say 50ml smaller than a 375ml is going to make the difference between a bomb and just fizzy over carb'd beer but it may contribute.

This is also another reaon to bulk prime. Add your priming mixture and then fill bottles regardless of their size, they all get the same level of sugar and thus carbonation. Your not trapped with a fixed amount of sugar with variable bottle sizes. Loose the carbonation drops.

If the dog wont eat them, use them as ammo for your sling shot.

Cheers, Justin

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