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I have been doing some regular brews and am sick of buying just 1kg packs of malt (or whatever) for each brew? I was wondering what quantities people buy their malt in and what the best way to store it is?

For someone in Sydney, where is the cheapest place to get bulk supplies?

Any other info regarding storing ingredients and their shell life?
I buy 25 kg sacks of grain and crush it as I need it. There aren't many grain outlets in Sydney. I know of oceanbrewing and ESB. Not sure if CountryBrewer sells bulk grain.

I transfer the grain to old fermenters and bung on a lid. One 25 litre pail will take most of a sack. (It may not even be necessary to transfer to another container - the sacks have an inner plastic bag containing the grain.)

Repacking a sack into 1-2-3... kg bags can be handy though it's a bit of work at the outset (just need to make sure the plastic is tough enough to prevent any hungry bugs chewing through).

Alternatively you could ask for 1/2 a sack, or 5-10kg bags. You get a better deal on a whole sack, but then it depends how often you brew - how much grain you'll get through.

David Cryer Maltings recommend 6 month - 12 month storage for pale malt and up to 2 years for coloured.

Each sack has a batch number and you can contact either the HBS or the HBS supplier to check the malting date.

I was thinking the same as fiscus, but I think we use extracts rather than grain. A long time before swmbo will let me go all grain (time and gear invloved)> I've noticed from small amounts of DME I've kept that it coagulates pretty quickly in humod weather. I assume it'd store OK for up to a few months in perfectly airtight containers.

It is a major hassle not having a decent HBS in Wollongong. I'm seriously considering opening one if redundancy happens at work (fingers crossed). Just worried about the long-term viability of it (ie, will I earn more running the shop than I will currently working in I.T.).
Anyway, that's another topic.

How long can liquid yeasts be kept alive and viable in the fridge?
Bulk Liquid Malt

I buy bulk liquid malt from Grumpys in Adelaide.

They have a web site:

They sell 28kg tubs - with handles of liquid malt...
Coopers Light ....... $ 85.00
Coopers dark......... $ 87.00

If you spend over $100.00...delivery is free.....

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