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well, i've double checked to make sure, but i think i did well with my beer entry for qld, got me a 3rd place for national qualification (well thats what the email says) :) in the pale ale category. once i get the score sheet etc, i'll change it to what it won etc etc.

i'll be flying the NT flag, proud for the comp, pity i won't be able to make it and see all the going-ons etc.

anyway here is the recipe for all to share. i only managed to hit 70% eff. so the OG was 1.045 not the 1.048 i was after. However its a bloody tasty beer :chug:

Bonks APA

A ProMash Recipe Report

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines


06-A American Pale Ales, American Pale Ale

Min OG: 1.045  Max OG: 1.056

Min IBU:  20   Max IBU:  40

Min Clr:   8   Max Clr:  22 Color in EBC


Recipe Specifics


Batch Size (L):     10.00  Wort Size (L):   10.00

Total Grain (kg):     2.03

Anticipated OG:     1.048  Plato:       11.85

Anticipated EBC:     16.9

Anticipated IBU:     36.5

Brewhouse Efficiency:    75 %

Wort Boil Time:       90  Minutes

Pre-Boil Amounts


Evaporation Rate:   15.00  Percent Per Hour

Pre-Boil Wort Size:  12.90  L

Pre-Boil Gravity:   1.037  SG     9.27 Plato


  %   Amount   Name             Origin    Potential EBC


 73.9   1.50 kg. JWM Traditional Ale Malt   Australia   1.038   7

 14.8   0.30 kg. JWM Caramalt         Australia   1.036   56

 7.4   0.15 kg. JWM Light Munich       Australia   1.038   20

 3.9   0.08 kg. TF Torrefied Wheat      UK       1.035   3

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


  Amount   Name               Form  Alpha IBU Boil Time


 6.00 g.   Northern Brewer          Pellet 10.00 17.2 60 min.

 5.00 g.   Amarillo Gold           Pellet  7.00  7.7 30 min.

 5.00 g.   Amarillo Gold           Pellet  7.00  6.1 20 min.

 5.00 g.   Amarillo Gold           Pellet  7.00  3.6 10 min.

 5.00 g.   Amarillo Gold           Pellet  7.00  2.0 5 min.

 15.00 g.   Amarillo Gold           Pellet  7.00  0.0 0 min.



WYeast 1272 American Ale II

Mash Schedule


Mash Type: Single Step

Grain kg:   2.03

Water Qts:  4.08 - Before Additional Infusions

Water L:   3.86 - Before Additional Infusions

L Water Per kg Grain: 1.90 - Before Additional Infusions

Saccharification Rest Temp : 67 Time: 60

Mash-out Rest Temp :     75 Time:  5

Sparge Temp :         72 Time:  0

Total Mash Volume L: 5.22 - Dough-In Infusion Only

All temperature measurements are degrees Celsius.



3rd place/qualifier for Qld - Cat 3, pale ale
Good onya Bonk! That's EQUAL third withn my APA! ;) Interesting to see how we go at the nationals, where they don't warm the samples up. I'm happy because my Octoberfest and my hefeweizen qualified as well, so I'm 2 up from last year :D

Cheers - Snow
thanks Snow, and congrats as well.

yeah should be intresting, i got my score sheet and only a few 'minor' flaws with the beer, so i'm pretty happy with that :)

i wonder if i'm the only NT brewer to qualify for the event...
Bonk wrote...
i wonder if i'm the only NT brewer to qualify for the event...

If this is the case Bonk, that will have to make you the undisputed best brewer in the Territory!


i will come over for some lessons bonk. :D
no i didnt enter so you are the nt champion and more than likely the only entrant from this neck of the land.
might have to get off me fat arse and give you some competion next round of comps. ;)
to the comp entrants are these state comps advertised in advance to give us enough time to brew up entries for the various catergories?

big d
thanks big d, might be easier when i move to my new unit, i'll have room for all :)

they sorta advertise them coming up, seems to have to good oil on when and where for most comps, and i'll expect us to clean up next year at all the comps :D
stay in touch bonk we will hit them southerners with collateral damage from the north.pre plan the attack and see how we go. ;)
next year im more free to move so will plan in some capital north visits.

big d B)
BigD, I'm pretty sure the Qld comp is on the same time each year and is advertised in the competitions section of the Craftberewer website a couple of months beforehand.

- Snow
The SA comp happens in September big d so you have 11months to get of your fat arse :D .
The Bathurst comp. happens in April so maybe enter that. It is a very well respected competition and I reckon I may enter a few beers into that comp next year.

Oi, Intoxicated Semite, what's your signature mean, moozy akbar maybe?


ابن الجدي اليتيم الأمّ
Congrats on the win, Bonk!

your recipe is similar to the Am. Amber I will keg this weekend, except I used crystal rye and all Amarillo. I added 50g pellets at flameout.

Jovial Monk
Congratulations guys, the Qld comp not an easy one to place in by any means, well done. I managed to get 5 entries placed so am looking forward to the nationals too.

Just as a note, the Bathurst comp is very well run and quite professional, from what I have been told by the organiser, the entry numbers are up there with the National comp so the judging is tough. It is a good one to enter.
And congratulations to you, Andrew, for your first place with your Pilsener! That's a fantastic effort to qualify with 5 entries! I will keep an eye out on the competitions recipe database for your beers! ;)

By the same token, how good is Greg Young with no less than 13 of his beers qualifying!! Geez, piss-ups at his place must be a fine experience!

- Snow.
By the same token, how good is Greg Young with no less than 13 of his beers qualifying!! Geez, piss-ups at his place must be a fine experience!

That's true Snow, I imagine it helps running the brewshop up that way too, plenty of time to practice.


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