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Assorted Brewing Gear - Melbourne

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Melbourne, SE Suburbs

I haven't brewed in nigh on two years. Moving house in February, so I'm faced with the choice of carting the gear with me on the chance that I get back into it or just selling it now. Due in no small part to pressure from SWMBO I've gone with the latter.

I'm splitting this up into two parts - stuff I'm selling and stuff I'm giving away. The stuff I'm giving away is (at this stage) only being given to people who turn up and buy other gear. For now I'd prefer not to have to co-ordinate collection of stuff that is being given away unless someone's also buying something else. Once most of the other stuff is sold that may change.

Prices here may be way off the going rate, in which case make an offer. Preference given to people taking more stuff (because I'm lazy).

Pick up from Rowville.

For sale
  • 5x 19l ball lock corny kegs. All in good order and all hold pressure. A couple have beer in them - one is a pretty damn good stout that I just sampled and remembered how good it was (may be emptied by the time it's sold) and the other is some sort of pale ale that I barely remember. $70 each or $320 for the lot.
  • 1x Keg King 2.6kg gas cylinder, with keg king regulator (link to regulator). $190 for both.
  • 1x Four way co2 splitter (link). $20
  • 1x Cooper's 30l fermenter. $5
  • 2x Bunnings style 25 litre fermenters (one white, one blue - link). $5 each
  • 1x Bunning style 30 litre fermenter (has a square base - white. Link). $5
  • 1x bench cappers. $10
  • 1k Keg king pump (link). $20 Sold to TwoCrows, with Nullnvoid in reserve.
  • 1x Keg King 2200w element. Not the style where it was just question of when, not if, it'd kill you, it's the new one (that may or may not be any better, I don't know and have only used it once. Link). $10 Sold to TwoCrows, with Nullnvoid in reserve.
  • 1x 40 litre aluminium kettle, with ball valve. It has a hole drilled to fit the Keg King element. It also has a basket insert. Can take photos if needed. $30
For free
  • About six milk crates of long necks, all clean, and 99% without labels. Also have some wine boxes with long necks. Crates included. My preference would be for all of these to be taken in one go, but I'm flexible.
  • Two (or three - I know the third is there somewhere I just can't find it right now) 20 litre cubes. The ones that hte Grain and Grape wort kits come in.
  • A full, unopened sack of Maris Otter, and about half an open sack of Maris Otter, unmilled. These have both been kept sealed in an esky for 2 years. No idea how it has kept, but do know 100% for sure there isn't any rodent access to the esky they've been in.
  • I have a bunch of hops that have sat in a chest freezer this whole time in vacuum sealed bags. Some bags are clear some are black. Any interest in any of these? I can list the varieties and sizes if so. May be being taken by TwoCrows. There's a fair bit there though so some still available for anyone else interested.
  • I have assorted ball lock fittings, beer line, picnic taps, etc. that will be either thrown out or given away.

Finally, I have an old Tooheys keg that has had the top cut out of it and two holes drilled into it - one has a ball valve and the other has a hole for a Keg King element. It's on the "give away" list, however I'm aware that this might be flirting with the rules a little bit so I'm happy to edit the post to remove this if that's the case. Taken by TwoCrows.

About six milk crates of long necks, all clean, and 99% without labels. Crates included.
I would like to put my name on the element and the KK pump.

Happy New Year

Re reading your post .

The modified keg and a few hops would help my out.
TwoCrows said:
I would like to put my name on the element and the KK pump.

Happy New Year

Re reading your post .

The modified keg and a few hops would help my out.
No worries, done. I'll set aside some hops for you - if nobody else has taken any by the time you collect you're welcome to all of it. I'm available for you come and pick up any time up to and including the 8th of January, after then I'm back at work and we'll need to coordinate. PM me to arrange a time.
Too slow dam if you have anything left let me know would have been keen for hops milk crates bench capper, grain and a few other bits etc
Sorry guys, everything is gone pending MartinOC coming to collect, which is likely to happen today. The Toohey's keg, element and pump have all been collected by TwoCrows.

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