Anyone In/near Pendle Hill, Nsw?

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Hey guys,

I need to get my hands on a Co2 fire extinguisher and found a load of them in Pendle Hill for $22 each!

I'm driving up on Sunday 21/8/05, so if anyone wants one for $30 (extra $8 to help with fuel costs), drop me a line on N/A and we can arrange for me to grab more. :)

how big are they finger? have you found anyone in Canberra to fill em?
When I spoke to the guy over the phone he wasn't at the site and couldn't remember the weight capacity.

He did however remember the capacity of his DC ones which are 9kg...he said the Co2 ones were about the same size! :super:

Hey Finger,

Does DC mean Discontinued?

I didn't know you could get 9kg extinguishers <_< but if they are 9kg or even 5kg and have been tested/stamped and are the correct brand to fit a reg then I would be very interested. :)

I mean't dry powder...oops :)

They are about the same physical size as a dry powder 9kg extinguisher...that's how he described them as he couldn't remember the capacity.

Not going up anymore (local gas supplier turned out to be pretty cheap).

For anyone else's info who may be interested, here are the details you'll need to secure an extinguisher or ten :ph34r: :

His name is either Peter or Keith (bad memory).
His phone numbers: 0404694905 & 0408827308.
It's in Pendle Hill as stated.


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