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Hi There,

I must apologise in advance, as I know this topic has probably been flogged to death, but after finishing my bar, the major goal for 2005 is to have a go at AG.

My question is what equipment do I need to do the job correctly? (including things like manifolds, fittings etc, as I have no idea :huh: )

I have a 50L rectangular esky, and access to a 45-50L keg.

Hi Jase,
If you do a search there is heaps of info on this site. It just takes a lot of time. The gallery will also give a few good ideas.

Your esky will be fine for a mash tun, and the keg could be adapted for a kettle.

I think it would be a good idea if there was an FAQ on AG equipment options and setup on this site.

Yep, and any 25L vessel could double as your HLT and then your away. Otherwise use your keg/kettle as your HLT and drain your mash tun runnings into a couple of buckets. At the end of the sparge transfer the bucket contents into your now empty kettle and boil away. Easy. Just remember it doesn't need to be fancy to make good beer, start off simple and work up-there really isn't any need for dear specialised equipment (but we all love toys don't we ;) )

Cheers, Justin

I'd be on the look-out for a 30- 40 litre urn for your HLT. The "newer" ones come with thermostats so you can control your strike and sparge water temps.....have a look at my set up, if you haven't already.

Next step will RIMS/HERMES set up.

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